You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

December covers the world in snow and creates a magic all her own.  Happy Holidays!

This month you may want to capture photos of:

  • 1. pinecones
  • 2. picking out a Christmas tree
  • 3. sleigh rides
  • 4. ice skating
  • 5. a hockey match
  • 6. ornaments on the tree
  • 7. colourful holiday lights
  • 8. Christmas stockings
  • 9. a bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve
  • 10. the clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve

paper wreath

Is this not gorgeous??  I love it!  And though may be a little time consuming, it really isn’t terribly difficult to make.  See what I mean here at The Red Thread.

christmas ornament card

I totally fell in love with the 3D effect of this Christmas card–be sure to check out the instructions here at Bo Bunny.  Enjoy!

November signals cooler weather and a return to the warmth and comfort of the indoors.  Are you already thinking of the upcoming holiday season?

This month you may want to capture photos of:

  • 1. sunlight filtering through a tree’s last leaves
  • 2. lighting up the fireplace
  • 3. a hearty soup or stew
  • 4. a bare tree silhouetted against a sunset
  • 5. an old farmhouse
  • 6. a family hike
  • 7. our Veteran’s
  • 8. poppies

October brings brilliant colours and photo opportunities galore!  Get your camera ready!

This month you may want to capture the following:

  • 1. the gorgeous leaves of fall
  • 2. a morning frost
  • 3. Thanksgiving turkey (for us Canadians!)
  • 4. Halloween costumes
  • 5. pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns
  • 6. leaves falling from a tree
  • 7. a spiderweb
  • 8. a scarecrow
  • 9. a cornmaze
  • 10. caramel apples
  • 11. knit sweaters

Summer draws to a close as autumn slowly begins to make herself noticed…

This month you may want to capture photos of:

  • 1. your child’s teacher
  • 2. your kids on the first day of school
  • 3. your child’s new backpack and/or other supplies
  • 4. a sunflower
  • 5. school buses in a row
  • 6. your garden’s harvest
  • 7. the first leaf to change colour
  • 8. a soccer game in the park
  • 9. landmarks around your town
  • 10. a birthday party

New In Stock!

We’ve have got some amazing things in at the store!  I am going to try and link y’all up with some You Tube videos to help give you ideas on how to use these products as well. 

First up: Smooch

It’s fun just to say that, but it is a wonderful paint.  The colors are so vibrant and the brush is nice and thin so you can do some fantantic detail work with it.

See the video here: Smooch video and you can purchase it here.

Next up, we have Tsukineko’s Fireworks Spray.  This stuff is so cool as you can use it on glossy AND dark  papers!  I love that!

Check out the video here and the spray are in stock here.  Also, we have Goosebumps that is mentioned in the video that you can find here as well.

Also, don’t forget we do carry Copic supplies and are happy to special order any colors that you may need.  :0)