You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Still a couple weeks of summer fun before school starts!  Grab your camera so you can capture shots of the following:

  • 1. people enjoying icy treats like popsicles
  • 2. watermelon
  • 3. kids burying each other in the sand
  • 4. children blowing bubbles
  • 5. a row of bicycles parked at the park
  • 6. footprints in the sand
  • 7. a barbeque
  • 8. a close up of a freckled face
  • 9. someone relaxing in a hammock
  • 10. your garden in full bloom

Summer holidays are here along with barbeques and hot sun drenched days.  Welcome summer!!

This month you may want to capture shots of:

  • 1. sparklers on Canada Day/ 4th of July
  • 2. your nation’s flag
  • 3. marshmallows toasting over a fire
  • 4. a campfire
  • 5. a gorgeous sunset
  • 6. sandy feet
  • 7. a boat out on the lake
  • 8. floppy sandals all in a row
  • 9. sandpails and shovels
  • 10. a sandcastle
  • 11. fireworks
  • 12. the exhibition
  • 13. cotton candy

Summer, sweet summer!  A time for school to end and new marriages to begin…

This month you may want to capture the following shots:

  • 1. a photo of you and your Dad on Father’s Day
  • 2. clothes drying on the line
  • 3. kites soaring in the sky
  • 4. a picnic
  • 5. children running through sprinklers
  • 6. a newly married couple
  • 7. your child’s schoolyard, empty
  • 8. your favorite outdoor plants
  • 9. a waterfight
  • 10. a sunrise


A quick post to let you know that we were let back into our house over the weekend.  As there had been no power for two weeks, we were greeted with the stench of rotting food from our fridge and freezer.  It has been quite a clean up here over the last 4 days. 

I am doing my best to get us all back on track and things with the store look good.  I ask for your patience during this time as we finish the clean up and get things rolling as “back to normal” as possible.  We will begin shipping orders tomorrow and hopefully Canada Post won’t thwart our efforts with a postal strike.  Cross those fingers!

Lastly, thank you all for your comments and emails during this stressful time.  We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.  :0)

Hugs and thanks to you all….


An Uncertain Future


Hello everyone,

As you probably noticed, there have not been any posts in a few days.  That’s because we are based in Slave Lake, Alberta and if you have been following the news, you know that we had a huge wildfire ravage our community.  Many of our friends and family lost their homes and none of us know what we will be coming home to, whenever that may be.  The town is so unsafe right now that no one is allowed in.  I have no idea how much damage was done to my house or even if I have a store to run when I get back.   It may be days or weeks before I know anything.  Everything is so uncertain so I ask for your prayers and your patience during this time.

I’ll keep you posted.


Quote of the Day

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. 

 ~Christopher Reeve

butterfly mobile

With the temperature getting warmer and warmer, I thought this butterfly mobile by Auntie Recreates would be seasonally appropriate.  It is also a way to reuse some cardboard that you may have laying about the house, waiting to be recycled and repurposed into something pretty.  Now who wouldn’t like that?