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Guest Designer Spotlight! Trina aka Scrappy!

Our SBCH Guest Designer Spotlight for June is Trina Carbert!

I have been a crafter all my life. I have dabbled in pencil sketching, writing, photography, cross stitch, crochet, rug hooking, stamping, card making, and many, many more crafts. My wedding album was the first album I ever created. I was instantly addicted. That was in the year 2000. Eight years later I have a husband, a child, a cat, a home in the country, terrific scrapping friends and many albums under my wing. And I have discovered that Scrapbooking is a medium that intertwines all my hobbies into one.

I love Scrapbooking for all it’s worth! I truly believe the main reason to scrapbook is to preserve memories for the future. That is the entire reason I began. I still hold true to that mantra, but I now create for pleasure just as much as preservation. I thrill to work with papers, inks, stamps and embellishments. My favorite embellishments are metals and chipboard……… and ribbons……….. and buttons…….and bling……..oh, and flowers……yeah….ah em. I feel that nearly every layout requires inking in some form and paper tearing is a staple in my work. I consistently work with multiple photo layouts and am becoming known as the Multi photo Queen!  My work tends to be more classy and linear than funky, but I appreciate all forms this hobby takes. One of my favorite parts of Scrapbooking is getting to see what others have created.

I worked with Scrapbookers Club House in 2006/2007 as a Design Team Member and I am very grateful and pleased to work with the Clubhouse this month as the Guest Design Team Member. These are my creations this month using the next awesome SBCH kit July 2008 that is coming your way!


If you would like to see more of Trina’s awesome work..come and check out the Guest Designer Gallery!

Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 5th Edition

This week’s Scrappin’ Green article comes from Mara,  she is a very environmentally friendly kind of gal as she demonstrates in the following “Stamping with Trash” article!
You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on fancy stamps to create some great cards and layouts. I bet you have something in your recycling bin or hanging around your house you can stamp with. I’m going to show you a few things you can re-use as a stamp for your projects!

First up…bubble wrap. You know you have some just hanging around a junk drawer or in a used box in the garage. All you need to do is paint a thin layer of acrylic paint over the bubble wrap and stamp directly on your paper. Use bubble wrap to create your own patterned paper, or create a border or frame around a focal point on your layout. Here, I used the bubble wrap to create my own background paper for this summer card.

And speaking of that used box in the garage, corrugated cardboard makes a great background stamp for any project. Tear away the top layer of the side of a box until you see the lined cardboard inside

Using a paintbrush or foam brush, apply a coat of acrylic paint to the bumpy cardboard. Focus on the raised edges, this is what is going to create your pattern. Then…stamp on your paper! You can create great photo mats or borders with this pattern. Don’t have a journaling stamp? Use your corrugated cardboard stamp to stamp journaling lines on your layout!! For this layout, I used it for a border.


Need a circle on your layout but don’t have a circle stamp? Dig through your recycling bin for anything that is a circle…tin can, old coffee can, toilet paper roll, paper towel roll. With a little application of acrylic paint, any of these things will create a circle. Use a variety of objects for different sized circles

What about those hand hot protectors that come on your coffee cup from your favorite local coffee place? Don’t throw those away either!!! If you open them up, the inside is usually corrugated cardboard. Use it as a stamp. Or use the whole thing to make a cute birthday card for somebody special in your life!

What else can you stamp with? The next time you start to throw something away, ask yourself if it can be repurposed or reused. You will be surprised what you might use your ‘trash’ for!

Article and photos by Mara Campbell.


Technique Tidbit Thursday- Mini Transparency Book!

Mini Transparency Book – By Heather Hopkins

This is a quick easy fun little book to display on your coffee table.


  • Wallet sized photos
  • 12 x 12 transparency
  • Photo corners
  • Rub-ons
  • Stickers(my sheet had hole reinforcers, alphas…)
  • Blooms
  • Bling
  • Ribbon
  • Transparent journaling spots


How To:

Cut the 12 x 12 transparency into quarters. You now have four 6″x6″ pages.

Stack them and use a hole punch to make 3 holes down the right side.  Use hole reinforcers on the outside of the first and last page.

Now design your pages.  I used photo corners to adhere my photos.  I also made sure to put horizontal photos back to back and vertical photos back to back. Rubons are perfect for transparent pages because they are black on both sides.

If you are transparent journaling spots they can be seen from both sides BUT your writing will be backwards on one side.  I got around this by strategically placing my blooms and bling. I would write my journaling on one side at the top of the journaling spot.  Put blooms below. Flip the page over and cover the backwards writing with blooms and bling, then write my journaling on the bottom of the journaling spot. 

Tie your finished pages together with some pretty ribbon.

Sketch Contest #17!!

We would love to see what you can create with the following sketch.   We will choose a winner from all entries and you will win a prize from SBCH!  The winner chosen will then get to design an example from one of my sketches for one of the future blog sketch contests.  The deadline for the contest is Monday July 7th. A winner will then be chosen on Tuesday July 8th and I will post another sketch contest on Wednesday July 9th.  Scrapbooker’s Club House will continue to hold this contest biweekly. We hope you will give it a try!

When you have completed your Layout you can post it in the “blog contest” gallery or e-mail to me at or Nicole at Please be sure to also name your entry with “Blog Contest #17” either in the title or description in the gallery. Finally, This contest will remain as a blog contest and not be announced on our forum, so make sure to stay tuned regularly and check our postings daily.

Here is the sketch:

And an awesome interpretation by Designer, Elisha Drewery!

Winner of Sketch Contest #16!!!


With this beautiful interpretation:



Some BIG NEWS to share…

We’ve invited Carolyn Peeler to participate in a “Q&A Chat” at Scrapbooker’s Club House, and she has accepted!!

Scrapbooker’s Club House will be posting the “Celebrity Question and Answer Chat” with Carolyn on June 25th, 2008.That day, questions asked by scrapbookers are posted along with Carolyn’s thoughtful answers in an easy interview format that’s unique to Scrapbooker’s Club House. The Q&A Chat format at SBCH allows the interview to remain conveniently in place on our Forum for you to read, enjoy and refer back to at your convenience.

Pop on by the Club House on June 25th to learn more about this multi-talented Canadian scrapbook artist, writer, teacher and Senior Creative Director at Melissa Frances!


Everyone is welcome to come and learn more about Carolyn, her inspiration and her art. Here’s the link where you can find the Celebrity Q&A Chat on June 25th… 

You’ll also find the friendliest online community of scrap gals anywhere, so mark your calendar!Come to Scrapbooker’s Club House for a visit and enjoy the Q&A Chat with this scrapbook celebrity. Feel welcomed and comfortable among friends: we know you’ll want to stay!

You’ll also find the friendliest online community of scrap gals anywhere, so mark your calendar!Come to Scrapbooker’s Club House for a visit and enjoy the Q&A Chat with this scrapbook celebrity. Feel welcomed and comfortable among friends: we know you’ll want to stay!

Submitted by: ~ Ali MacDonald
PR and Promotions Director
Scrapbooker’s Club House

Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 4th Edition

This week’s Scrappin’ Green article comes from Sherry, a caring pet owner who ALSO creates uniquely designed scrapbook pages and altered art. Sherry includes a novel idea for ‘finding’ free paper and recycling it in useful ways. Thanks Sherry for the idea and the items you’ve included for readers as examples of what can be created with this “FREE PAPER!” 







Free Paper


By: Sherry Owens


One day I discovered that there is a wealth of free “kraft” paper available to me. This discovery is thanks to my not-so-well behaved dogs, Harlee and Mickey. I had dumped their dog-food into the plastic containers that I keep their food in and set the bags aside for breaking down later. I left for work that morning, leaving the dogs alone as I do every day, and when I got home I was staring at the (previously emptied) dog-food bags strewn across the floor. At first I was angry at the dogs for the mess then with myself for leaving such sweet smelling temptation for them.


I started cleaning up the mess. My intent was to wad it up for the recycle bin when I noticed that the bag* was made from 3 layers of paper; an inner, plastic-lined (dog-food scented) layer, a middle, clean (and unscented) kraft layer and the outer printed layer.


With a flash, I realized that the kraft layer was a wealth of gift-wrap, altered item, possibly card material (I would probably even use it for a layout but more archivally minded scrappers might not agree). I separated the 3 layers at their joining points (the top and bottom seams of the bag) and recycled the 2 “undesired” layers and kept the middle layer for future projects.


I will never look at a bag of dog-food the same way again!!   

I’ve included some projects I made from the reclaimed paper, including a “Good Luck” card; an altered photo frame and a 6×12 layout featuring the trouble-makers.





Supplies:  Products used include Making Memories alphas, trims and buttons; KI Memories buttons; Creative Imaginations license plate and stickers; and some scraps from my scrap-pile. Shells are from ages ago, I don’t know where I got them or who makes them.

*I don’t know about other dog food brands but the Iams® that these spoiled pooches get comes in this type of triple-layered bag.


Technique Tidbit Thursday – Printing White!

Today’s Technique Tidbit is from Nicole (yep, aka “da Boss lady”)

You will need:

white paper
Microsoft Word program

Doing journalling on your computer looks great esp. when done in white. Unfortunately computers/printers do not print in white (i.e. there is no such thing as white ink) so here’s a new technique of how do get around that using MS Word.

1. Open Word and type in your journaling.

2.Select the drawing tool and then the square shape on the bottom toolbar.

3. A drawing canvas will appear –draw a square or rectangle within it.

4.Double click on your shape to get the format menu and then select a new fill color.

5.Using that same menu, select the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT. This will move your colored block behind your text.

6.Highlight the text and then go to FORMAT>FONT

7.Change the font color to white.

8.Use the points on each corner of your colored square to adjust the size of it as desired.

9. Print on white paper.



Sneak Peek (July) Jade’s Garden Kit & Pre Order!

Come on over!! Check it out the “July Jade’s Garden kit” sneak peeks and pre orders have begun!! Make sure to order your kit soon before they disappear! Also, while browsing the store, make sure to check out the awesome summer sale SBCH has got going on!

The design team has been busy creating some fantastic examples from this awesome kit! Check it out:

SBCH’s Spotlight – Design Team Member- Mara!

Each month Scrapbooker’s Club House will Spotlight one of our awesome Design Team Members. They will share a bit about how they started this wonderful hobby we call scrapbooking and share their favorite techniques! Enjoy!

Our SBCH Spotlight – Design Team Member – Mara!

Hi everyone, I’m Mara and super excited to be part of the Scrapbooker’s Club House!! I’ve been taking photos and making albums since 8th grade. About 15 years ago I learned about scrapbooking the safe way, and i’ve been going full tilt ever since! I love everything about scrapbooking; the creative process, the shopping for supplies and the sharing of ideas with other scrappers. It’s my way of unwinding after a long day at work and my way of being creative.

My favorite techniques include stamping, inking, painting, using chipboard, and cutting up patterned paper. I will try anything once, I like to get messy and see what happens! I love the online scrapbooking community. There is so much talent and inspiration to be found in galleries and on message boards. I like learning from others and sharing tips and techniques. I also enjoy making projects with my kids and teaching them a few things about scrapping. My son recently told me he’s starting to like scrapbooking more than baseball…now THAT’S a compliment!

Here are a few of my favorite projects:


If you would like to see more of Mara’s work, come and check out her Design Team Gallery!