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Supply Salute: Liquid Pearls

Liquid pearls are a versatile medium by Ranger.   They can be used as a dimensional decoration, or an opalescent paint. You can also use Liquid Pearls as an embellishment in much the same way as you would use glitter glue or liquid appliqué.   They were created to work on paper AND fabric.

Liquid Pearls were designed to make little pearlized dots that look like freshwater pearls when dry. To use, you can apply it straight out the bottle but you must let them dry naturally for several hours. Also, there is a tendency to get “Hershey Kiss” peaks on your pearls. Just use your finger and thumb to give it a little “flick” on the backside of your paper a couple of times and the peak will disappear, leaving a rounded “pearl”.

Here is a layout I created using baby blue Liquid Pearls.  I drew the outline of the circle first and then applied the Liquid Pearls along the line:


According to other articles, Liquid Pearls can also be diluted with water to make an opalescent paint. I have never tried this personally but you could also use the pearls directly from the bottle, by applying them to a sponge or piece of felt, and then “pouncing” or rubbing the color onto your project to achieve a painterly effect that way.

Liquid Pearls can also be blended with each other to make more colors, so the colour choices become endless. Have fun!

Note-: Liquid Pearls must be kept from very cold temperatures. If they get too cold, or freeze, they will be ruined.

Supply Salute: Ribbon

This month at Scrapbooker’s Club House we will be examining how we can use ribbon on our layouts and other creations.  Ribbon is readily available in every colour of the rainbow and in a multitude of textures.  It is one of the hottest trends in scrapbooking that won’t be going away any time soon.  Its versatility makes it ideal for the creative genius in you!  And, as far as embellishments go, it is quite inexpensive as well—every scrapbooker’s dream!


Ribbon Techniques


1.       Make a knot, trim off the excess and glue to the center of a flower.

2.       Weave it.  This can be done by cutting small slits in your paper and weaving the ribbon over and under the page. Alternatively, you can also weave multiple strands of ribbon on the page itself.  Mixing widths and textures adds pizzaz!

3.       Use it to top a tag.

4.       Create a border.

5.       Cut lengths of ribbon.  Loop and glue the ends together.  Place several of these ribbon loops in a circle formation, placing a large brad paper circle or even a button in the center.  Glue.  You have now created a ribbon flower!

6.       Stamp on it.  You may need to heat set your stamping to prevent bleeding.

7.       Create pleats for dimension.  Glue pleats down with ribbon glue or sew instead.

8.       Make your own striped paper using different ribbons instead of using patterned paper.

9.       Use it to dangle a charm off of.

10.   Make a bow or make knots for a more masculine look.

11.   Cover chipboard.

12.   Create photo corners.  Start with a 3-inch strip of ribbon (grosgrain works well). Fold both ends down at the midpoint to form a triangle; iron. Repeat until you have two or four ribbons for each picture. Slip triangles—with seams in back—over corners of photos, and use acid-free double-sided photo tape to affix them to album pages.

13.   Make curly ribbons by wrapping tightly around a dowel rod or pencil (securing with pins if needed), spraying with a cornstarch solution and baking in the oven for about five minutes. Leave to cool, set over night then remove from the dowel. Great for album covers and bindings.


Attaching ribbon


Ribbon can be adhered to your pages by several methods:



Glue: ribbon glue by Making Memories works well as do glue dots or running it through a Xyron

Secure with brads, eyelets or nailheads



Ribbon can add a little spice to your pages in so many ways!  Visit our Gallery for more ideas and inspiration to start you on your way to using this fabulous embellishment. 


Supply Salute: Slick Writers!

Slick Writers are a marker with a permanent ink that work on a variety of materials that are often difficult to write on (such as metal, vellum, stickers).  They are acid free and permanent on porous surfaces. These amazing pens dry quickly and permanently on glossy surfaces. With virtually no smearing or drying time involved, they are an absolute treat to use!  No special instructions are needed.  If you can write with a pencil, you can use a Slick Writer!

Slick writers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.  Here are just a few:

  • buttons
  •  brads
  • cured clay
  • shrink plastic
  • glass
  • cd’s
  • plastic
  • photos

You can also get creative and create your own transparencies, like I did on this layout (see the journal box?) 

It’s quick and easy!  Here’s how I did it:

1. Print an image (such as a flourish or doodle) onto regular printer paper.

2. Place a transparency or acetate sheet over top.

3. Trace over the image with the Slick Writer.

4. Cut out and adhere (using a clear adhesive such as Scrappy Glue) to your creation.

Tip: Slick Writers work great for journaling on photos!  That’s a lot easier than using a photo editing program, now isn’t it?

You will be sure to be reaching for your Slick Writer regularly since you can write on almost anything with it. Share with us your creations at the Scrapbooker’s Club House Gallery! 

Supply Salute: Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue!

This liquid glue is one of my favorites.  It is manufactured by Tombow and you can glue almost anything with it and it WILL stick.  Part of the attraction for me is the cool dispenser which features 2 applicators: a wide one for larger surfaces and a smaller pen tip size for more delicate work.  I have never had a problem with the dispenser clogging or leaking, either, another big plus.


Tombow Mono Multi can be used on pattern paper, cardstock, cardboard and (my favorite) chipboard.  This adhesive does give you a small window of “wiggle” time in order make any corrections for errors you have made (comes in especially handy when you’ve placed something down that isn’t perfectly straight), but once something is stuck, it’s stuck.  This glue is also odorless, non-toxic, washable and non-flammable.  Big advantages if you have little ones around.  I wouldn’t recommend it for ribbon though as it may “bleed” through but for other paper based materials, it’s super.


You can also use this adhesive as a temporary or permanent adhesive.  You can achieve a “post-it note” effect by letting glue dry before positioning or applying while glue is still wet will give you a permanent bond.  The versatility of this glue is wonderful!


So the next time you are wondering what glue to turn to for your paper crafting needs, consider Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Adhesive.  Find it here at Scrapbooker’s Club House.




Supply Salute: Stickles!

Stickles: What is it?


Stickles is basically a glitter glue available in a huge range of fabulous colours that is manufactured by Ranger Industries who state that you can  “easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper and rubber stamping projects, candles, memory album covers and more!”  The fine point nozzle makes it simple to apply and control where your Stickles will go.  If you are interested in adding a little bling to your project, this is a fantastic product.


Where Can I use Stickles?


Almost anywhere! Here are some ideas where you can use Stickles on your next project:


  1. Outlining alphas or designs on your pattern paper as shown here (page by Nicole Drewniak):
  2. Photobucket

  3. Make flower petals glitzy
  4. Dot the centers of flowers
  5. Doodle with it!
  6. Make fireworks photos glittery!
  7. On top of  Thickers (card porfolio by Nicole Drewniak):




Stickles has the added bonus of holding it’s shape (it doesn’t “run” and flatten out like a lot of other glitter glues) and takes only an hour or two to dry, depending on how thick it has been applied.


Where Can I find Stickles?


Right here at Scrapbooker’s Club House!  This product is very affordable and would make a great stocking stuffer!



Supply Salute: Un-Du!!

This is one amazing product that every scrapper should have. Seriously. It’s right up there with owning a trimmer and adhesive.


Un-Du is as adhesive removal agent. As stated by the manufacturer, Un-Du can remove sticky labels, kids stickers, masking tape, invisible tape, name tags and price tags from almost any surface such as wood, leather, plastic, wallpaper, clothing, carpet, glass, painted walls and even plain paper. It will also remove gum, tar and candle wax. Unlike similar products, Un-Du works immediately upon contact and allows for re-adhesion. This is especially great for scrappers: the black lifting tool tip attached to the bottle allows you to guide the liquid right to your trouble spot and lift the sticker, for example, off the page. When the page dries, the spot is gone. When the sticker dries, it is once again sticky and can be placed in the correct position. The same can be done with “misplaced” photos.

In addition, Un-Du leaves no stains or residues behind and will not discolour plexiglass, acrylics or other clear plastics. Be warned: because of its many uses, your hubby may be tempted to pilfer your bottle for any sticky situation he may find himself in so maybe you better have 2 bottles on hand…just in case.

To top it off, it will not damage photos so it is now simple to get those precious photos out of those awful magnetic albums. No more dental floss or trying to pry them off the page with your fingers! This product is acid-free, photo safe and “CK approved”.

Can you believe it? See for yourself. The 4oz. Bottle can be found here at Scrapbooker’s Club House:

You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Supply Salute: “Scrapbook Shimmer – Making Memories”

By Ali MacDonald

Today we introduce you to a new Scrapbooker’s Club House BLOG feature! “Supply Salute” is an informative look at scrapbooking supplies available at the easy-to-shop-at Scrapbooker’s Club House “online store“.

The featured item today is Scrapbook ShimmerTM from Making Memories. ENJOY!
“Scrapbook ShimmerTM

Do you want to accent title lettering with a bit of sparkle? How about adding some shimmer to a snowflake or icicle? How can you add a gentle gleam to a flower’s petals?

A touch of magic can be achieved on a layout using “shimmer.” Available at the Scrapbooker’s Club House store are Making Memories Shimmer Kits. These are called “Scrapbook Shimmer TM” and they simplify the process of creating a little glimmer and gleam on your page!

“Colours run the gamut from soft pastels to hot pink; depends on which kit you get!” says store-owner Nicole Drewniak.

Look at the sparkly richness of the “Boho Chic” Shimmer Set …

Available at SBCH Online Store..just click on photo!

…and check out the sophisticated glimmer of the “Cityscape” set:

Available at SBCH Online Store..just click on photo!

“Scrapbook Shimmer TM” provides you with a fine, professional quality glitter that can be used with Making Memories Ready-to-Glitter stickers like these:

Available at SBCH Online Store..just click on photo!


Here’s a sweet LO of Michelle Vekved’s where this SBCH HOF member uses shimmer on the alpha stickers:

“Scrapbook Shimmer TM” is Ultra fine, and a small bottle of this quality sparkle goes a looooong way! A funnel tray is included with each shimmer kit to further simplify the glittering process. A tip from Michelle: a baby wipe is perfect for picking up any stray shimmer. Here’s another of her pages using shimmer on the tree and the lettering.

There’s still more fun to be had with this product! The shimmer can be used on any of your projects! Simply make your own embellishments by using this easy, quality shimmer over adhesive placed on chipboard, cardstock, stickers, tags or any other scrappy item you wish to sparkle and shine.

Here’s an example of how Heather Hopkins, a SBCH HOF member used glitter in a very informative online class at SBCH:

Shimmer TM would be an alternative to the glitter Heather had in her class.

The Tsukineko glue pad that Heather used in her class is here:

Available at SBCH Online Store..just click on photo!

Here is a LO where Nicole used shimmer on the circular chipboard pieces. Isn’t that gorgeous?

And here’s a page by another HOF member, Pam Sandy. Check out her customized shimmery stars, hearts, paisley and diamonds, plus the arrows!!


Pam writes in her description that the MME Scrapbook ShimmerTM was “very fun to play with! Remember playing with glitter when you were little? Well, now you can play again! And there are fun stickers to use too!”

Pam was referring to the “Ready-to-Glitter” stickers. Making Memories has posted a demo using the shimmer with these stickers as well. Super easy!

So go ahead, get creative and make those embellishments sparkle and gleam with easy-to-use Scrapbook Shimmer TM available now at the Scrapbooker’s Club House online store.

When the Shimmer TM sparkle shines on your pages, you’ll be the star!

***Better get some soon, it’ll be gone in a flash-I mean… SPARKLE!! ***