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Scrapbooker’s Club House Guest Designer Spotlight~ Elisha Drewery

Today, our Guest Design Team Member Spotlight is shining on Elisha Drewery! Elisha is no stranger to Scrabooker’s Club House, having been a member of one of the previous Design Teams. This Hall of Fame member is our Guest Designer for the month of December, 2008.

Elisha and spouse Bryan

Elisha kindly sent me her bio to share with all of you…“I’m a 31 year-old mother of two beautiful children who are the main focus of my scrapbooks. Carley is 6 going on 30, my drama queen. Gavin is the grounded, laid back one. He is 3. I have been married to my soul-mate Bryan for 8 years. He is a certified chef and a route salesman for a local produce company.  I love children and have operated an in-home daycare for 10 years. I guess it would be only natural that I would love scrapbooking with all of the beautiful papers, scissors, and glue!” 


I asked Elisha a few questions to help us get to know her better. Describing her style as “definitely girlie and a little shabby,” she told me that she collects buttons and ribbons for her scrapbooks. She adds that she is “a huge hoarder of all things scrapbooking related~!” Being a button fanatic, I just HAD to ask Elisha how she stores her buttons, (LOL) and she said that they are are sorted by color in glass jars. Asked about storage of other small embellies, she said that little things such as brads are stored in plastic containers in a Craft Mate tote.


 Two favourite products that Elisha currently uses a lot in her scrapbooking craft are Stickles and Glimmer Mist.  She told me that she’s been featuring a lot of crochet flowers in her scrappin’ lately, too. Elisha specifies cream as her “go-to” cardstock colour, and says that she tends to stick to neutral colours in her cardstock choices: chocolate brown and moss green are two favourites.

 Asked from where she draws her inspiration, Elisha told me “the internet, and sites like SBCH. There is so much inspiration on the net, it’s unbelievable. I tend to pick out different techniques or elements that I love and mix them with my own.”  


 I asked Elisha about sketches, and whether she uses them. Obviously her answer was a resounding “yes,” because she told he is a “huge fan of our very own Noella Arsenault’s sketches.” She said that she “stalks Creatively Yours all of the time!” She is also a fan of Becky Fleck’s sketch work.


Anyone who knows Elisha knows that she loves to alter items and create works of art that are functional and beautiful.  For this spotlight, she revealed to me that she loves to alter about as much as she loves to do pages!  Asked about her favourite project, she told me that it is the canvas clock that she made her Mom for Christmas.   

Clock Gift created by Elish Drewery

Altered canvas: Clock Gift created by Elish Drewery

   I just had to ask Elisha about her albums and how she organizes them. (She sounds super-organized!) Elisha told me she has an album for Carley and one for Gavin. She also has an album of her Dad and his family pictures and one for her Mom and her family pictures. She also has an album for family pages. I was very impressed to learn that Elisha also has a “Book of Me” album.

 She explained that she doesn’t scrap chronologically, but does store her pages that way.

  What better way to end an interview than to ask about the “best” scrappy related gift a person has received?!!! Elisha said that her best one was a trimmer that her in-laws bought her for Christmas last year. She explains: “It has 5 different blades and it lights up. I love it!”

 Thank you, Elisha, for sharing your time and talent with us here at SBCH. It’s also been fun getting to know more about you thru this Guest Designer Spotlight interview and seeing your gorgeous work over the past month with the latest SBCH Kit~!  

 Check out Elisha’s Gallery here for her work with the Scrapbooker’s Club House “Prudence” Kit for January 2009 plus many other fab creations! 


  Keep up the beautiful and inspiring work, Elisha!! 

Supply Salute: Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue!

This liquid glue is one of my favorites.  It is manufactured by Tombow and you can glue almost anything with it and it WILL stick.  Part of the attraction for me is the cool dispenser which features 2 applicators: a wide one for larger surfaces and a smaller pen tip size for more delicate work.  I have never had a problem with the dispenser clogging or leaking, either, another big plus.


Tombow Mono Multi can be used on pattern paper, cardstock, cardboard and (my favorite) chipboard.  This adhesive does give you a small window of “wiggle” time in order make any corrections for errors you have made (comes in especially handy when you’ve placed something down that isn’t perfectly straight), but once something is stuck, it’s stuck.  This glue is also odorless, non-toxic, washable and non-flammable.  Big advantages if you have little ones around.  I wouldn’t recommend it for ribbon though as it may “bleed” through but for other paper based materials, it’s super.


You can also use this adhesive as a temporary or permanent adhesive.  You can achieve a “post-it note” effect by letting glue dry before positioning or applying while glue is still wet will give you a permanent bond.  The versatility of this glue is wonderful!


So the next time you are wondering what glue to turn to for your paper crafting needs, consider Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Adhesive.  Find it here at Scrapbooker’s Club House.




Scrappin’ Green: Tips for Eco-Friendly Memory Keeping~ 20th Edition

by Elisha Drewery

SBCH Guest Design Team Member, December 2008

If your children are anything like mine, you can’t go by the quarter machines without them pulling on your clothes begging for change. My DD, in particular, loves the sticker machines. She will save her quarters from snack so that when we visit our favorite restaurant, she can invest them in Hannah Montana stickers of all shapes and sizes. Lucky for me, these little gems are nestled nicely into little paper folders when they come out of the machine. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, I turn them into little pocket perks to slip into Carley’s lunch box for school. Carley loves attention and often times feels like she isn’t getting enough of it, so this is my way to show her a little extra love when she is least expecting it.
These are the little paper folders you start out with:

Paper Folders

I, then, separate each folder into two pieces and fold them in half.




After they are folded, I cover them with paper and embellish, as desired: Embellished Folders

They are now ready to write little notes in and give to that special someone.

A little TLC tucked inside... A little TLC tucked inside, by Mom
So the next time your children come home with their pockets loaded down with stickers, be sure to save the little paper folders to make pocket perks of your own!