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Announcing the “Challenges by Design” Collection!!



November 1, 2008 will bring a “Challenges By Design” Collection to Scrapbooker’s Club House. 

We can’t wait to reveal the challenges that the multi-talented SBCH Design Team has planned for November!

Come over to the Club House and see what the Design Team has in store to challenge you and get your mojo goin’! You’ll be getting layouts done and cards made…Isn’t that what it’s all about? Join us and be inspired & challenged: meet new friends, too. We’re the friendliest scrappin’ spot on the ‘net and for your convenience, we have a fully stocked store just stuffed with scrappy goodness!

The SBCH homepage is here

SBCH Challenge Forum

The door’s always open at the Scrapbooker’s Club House store right HERE



Technique Tidbit Thursday!!- PHOTO TRANSFER!

Hello everyone!  Happy almost Halloween!

Here is a wonderful article that Nicole Drewniak came up with!

Photo Transfers- By Nicole Drewniak

A photo transfer is quite simply the transfer of an image from the original
to another medium. Your final result is a semi-transparent image you can use
anywhere on your page. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  But it’s really not!
Here’s some step by step instructions for the packing tape/laminate method
so you too can create this cool look with your photos! Even if you are a
beginner, you’ll look like a pro.

You’ll need:

a. Color photocopy of your image or image cut from a magazine or book.
(Note: Inkjet printouts will NOT work)
b. Roll of packing tape
c. Scissors
d. Bowl of warm water


1.To begin, cut your image out so that only the part you want to transfer
remains. Then cover the entire top of your image with the tape. You are
somewhat limited it with regards to your image size if you wish to stay
within the width of the tape.  If you don’t mind the “seams” of the tape
showing on larger images, then go for it!  Smooth the tape on and then
Tip: For larger images, you may wish to use laminate sheets instead.

2. Soak your image in warm water for 3-5 minutes.

3.Remove your image from the water and, using your finger, rub off the paper
on the back of the image. All of the white paper will come off, leaving only
your image. This may take awhile, so don’t give up.  Do not scrape it off or
the image will scratch off too. Your image transfer isn’t complete until all
of the backing paper has been removed. Your result will be a
semi-transparent image that you can now use as a page accent. Adhere using
any method you might use for vellum or other semi-transparent accents such
as a Xyron. You’ll be able to see some patterns through the images once it
is attached to a background.

Tip: If you want, leave some of the paper on for a more mottled look. If you
don’t like the shine of the tape/laminate, consider using sandpaper or matte
medium to tone it down.  When using this method with magazine images please
note that matte images seem to transfer better than glossy.

Easy and not at all time consuming!  Here are some examples of a photo
transfers that I did:

Have fun!

Picture Yourself as the Winner!

An overview of SBCH promos and contests:
Mid-October 2008

Always lots of fun opportunities to strrrretch yourself over at the friendly and very hoppin’ and happenin’ Scrapbooker’s Club House! Check out the challenges… Several of the DT members are offering RAKs for those taking part in their particular challenge! You can read about it all on the Challenge Forum. Just click the link on your left to get to the SBCH homepage, then click on “Forum.” Once you’re there, just scroll down until you see “I Challenge You!”

At present, the main contest being held at SBCH involves the search for a Guest Design Team member for the month of November.

Entrants are challenged to use their scrapbooking supplies to create items for a table, such as place cards, centerpieces, or napkin rings. Entries can be uploaded in the album especially created for this under the title “Current Contests” in the easy to use SBCH Gallery. Please be sure images are 1024 kb or less when uploading. :o)

The winner will be SBCH’s Guest Design Team Member for the month of November and will receive a tantalizing Scrapbooker’s Club House Kit of the Month to design with!! The designer’s creations will then be posted in our Guest Design Team Member Gallery. The guest designer will also share with the SBCH Design Team the responsibility of posting monthly challenges to SBCH members.

Here is the information about the contest:

C’mon… give it a try, the kits Nicole puts together are just gorgeous! The time I spent as a GDT member at Scrapbooker’s Club House in Sept 2007 was amazing- there’s just so much fun in this friendly and caring community! Enter—if you win, you will have a wonderful ride here, sharing your creative mojo at SBCH!

Go, go, go!!! Let’s see those entries! YOU could be the winner!

November will see SBCH hosting a promotion involving “thinking outside the box,” and there will soon be another search, this time for the December Guest Designer.

Stay tuned, stay informed… and stay scrappy!!!

~ Ali MacDonald
PR and Promotions Director
Scrapbooker’s Club House

Supply Salute: Un-Du!!

This is one amazing product that every scrapper should have. Seriously. It’s right up there with owning a trimmer and adhesive.


Un-Du is as adhesive removal agent. As stated by the manufacturer, Un-Du can remove sticky labels, kids stickers, masking tape, invisible tape, name tags and price tags from almost any surface such as wood, leather, plastic, wallpaper, clothing, carpet, glass, painted walls and even plain paper. It will also remove gum, tar and candle wax. Unlike similar products, Un-Du works immediately upon contact and allows for re-adhesion. This is especially great for scrappers: the black lifting tool tip attached to the bottle allows you to guide the liquid right to your trouble spot and lift the sticker, for example, off the page. When the page dries, the spot is gone. When the sticker dries, it is once again sticky and can be placed in the correct position. The same can be done with “misplaced” photos.

In addition, Un-Du leaves no stains or residues behind and will not discolour plexiglass, acrylics or other clear plastics. Be warned: because of its many uses, your hubby may be tempted to pilfer your bottle for any sticky situation he may find himself in so maybe you better have 2 bottles on hand…just in case.

To top it off, it will not damage photos so it is now simple to get those precious photos out of those awful magnetic albums. No more dental floss or trying to pry them off the page with your fingers! This product is acid-free, photo safe and “CK approved”.

Can you believe it? See for yourself. The 4oz. Bottle can be found here at Scrapbooker’s Club House:

You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Scrapbooker’s Club House SALE!!!!

As some of you may know, it will be Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada. To
celebrate, we are offering Free Shipping on orders of $80 or more (before taxes) from Thursday Oct. 9- Monday October 13th.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

  • Scrappin’ Green: Ideas for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping~ 19th Edition

    This week, SBCH member Lee Brehon shares an easy and FUN idea for making your own circular and scalloped templates. She recycles ice cream pail lids to do this! Thanks Lee for sharing a super GREEN scrappin’ idea with the SBCH community. Read on and get some inspiration from Lee: her practical and useful green ideas always inspire me!

    Ideas for Making your own Templates
    By Lee Brehon

    I know this isn’t a “NEW” idea because this is something my grandmother showed me eons ago. But this is as green as it gets! My grandmother was a very practical woman and cut many of her own patterns. I remember her using this idea many times over, so I hope you enjoy it. (It’s also similar to an idea that I showed you here before, but using a different product.)

    In this household, with so many children, we go through tons of ice cream. Because of this, I’ve acquired a huge stack of pails with lids. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of LO’s using large circles and scallops, and always find myself making my own patterns [templates] because of the many paper choices available. So I decided to cut my own patterns whenever I can!

    Here’s what I do:

    I simply take the lid of the ice cream pail and start by tracing my pattern out on the lid.

    Photo #1: Photobucket

    Then I carefully cut around the pattern with a sharp blade. Go slow and carefully work around your pattern. (Shown here is a circular pattern.)
    Photo #2: Photobucket

    Then I have a template I can use again and again!

    Photo #3: Photobucket

    I don’t have to search through my papers to find it, cause I’ve punched a hole in it to hang. I can group all of the templates of similar shapes together.

    If you don’t own any circle cutters or especially LARGE circle cutters, then the technique above is the cheapest and most practical way to make circles of different sizes. Imagine how many templates you can cut from a single lid!

    Photo #4: Photobucket

    But here’s the best part……WHY STOP AT CIRCLES?? Make scallops, squares, tags and so much more!!

    Photo #5: Photobucket

    Photo #6: Photobucket

    Thanks for letting me share another one of my ideas!

    SBCH November Guest Design Team Member Contest!!

    Are you Scrapbooker’s Club House’s next “Guest Designer?” Each month at SBCH we will be choosing from your entries to see who our next Guest Designer will be. Sound interesting? Read on!

    Here are the details:
    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday usually involves family gathering for the big meal so we would love to see altered items for the table. Ex. napkin holders/rings, altered vases, place cards, candle holders etc.

    Deadline: Sunday October 26, 2008.

    Upload your entries in the “November Guest DT Contest” Gallery.
    IMPORTANT~Please include your NAME with your entry.

    The winner will be SBCH GDT member for the month of November and will receive a Kit of the Month with which to create designs. Your creations will then be posted in our Guest Design Team Gallery. You will also be able to participate along with SBCH Design Team in posting a monthly challenge to SBCH members.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to PM or email Nicole at OR Ali at

    Good Luck & have fun!!

    World Card Making Day!!

    *** Who can’t use a NEW supply of greeting cards? ***In honour of World Cardmaking Day, Scrapbooker’s Club House is hosting some card-making FUN on Saturday and Sunday, October 4th and 5th, 2008. Come on over for some FRESH NEW CARD SKETCHES!!
    We’re looking forward to seeing you!

    Mark your calendars!

    For further information, please contact Ali at or Nicole at