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Club House Kudos!

tissue flower

Today we are giving props to Kristy Neale for this smashing tutorial on tissue flowers!  You could do them black, as above, for Halloween, or red and white for Christmas.  How cute would that be?  Love it!

Club House Kudos: Identifont!

Have you ever seen a really cool font and didn’t know what it was?  Or maybe you knew part of its name but not enough to pull it all together in your mind?  There is a really cool site to help you out with this very problem.  It’s called Identifont and, through a series of questions, it can help you figure out the font you are looking for.

I love problem solving systems.  :0)

See Identifont here.

Club House Kudos: Tidy Mom!

This site, for this week’s kudos, was sent to me by a friend.  It’s not strictly a scrapbooking site by any means, but it does have some cool links to printable and projects.  Loads of  recipes and tips for everyday living as well.

Kudos to Tidy Mom!!

Club House Kudos: CD Muckosky

If you like a little out of the ordinary, check out CD’s blog.  She gained a bit of fame a couple years back for winning a scrapper of the year contest for a major scrapbooking magazine.  Anyway, I really enjoy her style and I hope you will too.  I included a pic of her altered canvas above (she shares how she created it as well on her blog) that I think is really cool.  Enjoy!

Download Monday!

This one is for all you Photoshop fanatics out there.  You know who you are.  I’m blushing guiltily here as well.  I love Photoshop.  It is amazing what you can do with this powerful program.  Today I am hooking you up to a spectacular site, called Action Central, where you can get all kinds of actions for your program so you can manipulate your photos in all kinds of cool ways.  There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many to list here so the best thing to do is head over and check out what is on offer at Action Central.

Have fun and have a fantastic Monday.

Happy Labour Day!  :0)

Club House Kudos: NmB Photography

Do you ever feel sometimes that all your photos start to look the same?  When I get like that I hit the ‘net and search for sites that inspire me to get my camera out and see things differently.  This blog by Nancy Barker is one of those.  She’s even got some tutorials for those of us who like to play around with effects in Photoshop as well.  

Good stuff.

See it all here.

Club House Kudos: Quoteland!

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with just the right words yourself and you need a little help.  That’s where a place like Quoteland comes in.  You can look up quotes by subject or author to come up with that perfect phrase.  How handy is that?  :0)

Visit Quoteland here.