You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

New In Stock!

We’ve have got some amazing things in at the store!  I am going to try and link y’all up with some You Tube videos to help give you ideas on how to use these products as well. 

First up: Smooch

It’s fun just to say that, but it is a wonderful paint.  The colors are so vibrant and the brush is nice and thin so you can do some fantantic detail work with it.

See the video here: Smooch video and you can purchase it here.

Next up, we have Tsukineko’s Fireworks Spray.  This stuff is so cool as you can use it on glossy AND dark  papers!  I love that!

Check out the video here and the spray are in stock here.  Also, we have Goosebumps that is mentioned in the video that you can find here as well.

Also, don’t forget we do carry Copic supplies and are happy to special order any colors that you may need.  :0)




Comments on: "New In Stock!" (2)

  1. Ou, that goosebumps stuff looks nifty!

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