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Classroom Wednesdays: Butterfly Mobile

butterfly mobile

With the temperature getting warmer and warmer, I thought this butterfly mobile by Auntie Recreates would be seasonally appropriate.  It is also a way to reuse some cardboard that you may have laying about the house, waiting to be recycled and repurposed into something pretty.  Now who wouldn’t like that?

Classroom Wednesdays: Pencil Holders!

green pencil holders

I wish I had so many pencils!  But I wish I could use them artistically even more!  LOL  I thought this was a great “green” way to recycle and repurpose and couldn’t wait to share it with you.  See it at Recyclart.  :0)

Classroom Wednesdays: For the Record!

vinyl record wreath

Remember records?  Well, this project is just too cool for school!  Head on over to Annekata’s blog to see how she made this great fall wreath by recycling an album.  You just gotta love it.  See the tutorial here.

Classroom Wednesdays: Recycle that phonebook!

phone book pen holder

It’s always nice to be “green” whenever we can and I think this funky pen holder takes the cake.  It is made out of an old phonebook!  Isn’t that a wicked idea?  I tell ya, some people are so great at thinking out of the box!  If you are intrigued and want to make one of your own, head over to Chica and Jo and see the tutorial here.

Club House Kudos!

I completely tripped out over this site a few months back and I love it.  :0)  Its called How About Orange and it’s full of fun stuff from links to free fonts to printables and how to’s.  Not everything is scrap related at all but I found so many great links and photos on this site that I just had to share.

Be sure to check out the cute tutorial on how to make gift bags out of newspaper.  It’s a great way to stay “green” and recycle/repurpose paper.

Club House Kudos: SC Johnson!

I know what you’re thinking: “SC Johnson: A Family Company?” .    Yup, that’s the one.  I stumbled across their site and found this really cool tutorial on how to make a ziploc bag tote.
ziploc tote

Isn’t it cute?  You could stash cards in their or embellies, anything really.  Too sweet!

See it all here.

Technique Tidbit Thursday: Decorative Vases

By Jennifer C.

These literally took me minutes and I think they will make a big difference in my decorating. I just took some old vases that were under the sink and wrapped some ribbon around them and then put a flower on one and an ornament on the other. I think I will fill one with candy and then I may make a centerpiece for the table with the other.

You could even put a plant in one of them and give as a gift. I hope you like them.  I would love to see what you come up with!  Have fun!