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Technique Tidbit Thursday- Wire Letters

Article and photos By Lee Brehon

How to make your own WIRE letters:
You need: heavy gauge wire, a marker, wire cutters, paper, mini letters, glossy accents.

1. Gather your supplies

2. Wrap wire around your marker or dowel, holding one end of the wire firmly.

3. Remove the wire in one bunch and gather it all together in your wire cutters and cut.


4. Once you have cut your wire it should be slightly open, gently push the two ends together to form a ring. Don’t handle too much!

5. Place your lettering on your background paper, and center your wire rings around the letters.

6. Fill each ring with glossy accents. (once is good enough, but you can do two coats). Allow to dry!!!!!



7. When your letters are dry, trim around the outside of the circles.

And here is a last cool tip from Lee:

This is how I keep my glossy accents ready to go each and every time.



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Scrappin’ Green~ Tips for Eco-Friendly Memory Keeping: 9th Edition

This week, we have some timely tips on recycling and reusing from Scrapbooker’s Club House member, Trina Carbert. Trina adds some super ideas to our Scrappin’ Green repertoire! Thanks for these excellent ideas. Read on… I’ll bet you hadn’t thought of some of these!


By~ Trina Carbert

There are many ways we can recycle, reduce and reuse while still enjoying a hobby such as Scrapbooking. I hate to waste anything so the following things are practices I use as often as possible.

*Use the packaging on your projects or as project. Really, you paid for it, so why not use it as you would any other scrapping product? I have used the cardboard backing from Making Memories letter stickers as my journaling blocks:


I have used a Prima flowers container for an idea jar:


And I have used the packaging for buttons for a photo frame (I have also seen them used as shaker boxes and as candy gifts):


Larger pieces of cardboard backing can be used for dividers for your paper storage or for keeping your unfinished works separated.

* Pizza boxes for storage: If you have finished layouts literally collecting dust in a pile somewhere consider slipping them into a pizza box to store them. (you will receive one if you order paper or a kit from SBCH… **GRIN**) This will at least protect your work from light and dust damage until they find homes in albums. I also have been known to use pizza boxes to transport my papers or projects in process to crops.
* Buttons everyone! You may be able to save a small fortune by just looking around your home for this popular embellishment. Collect buttons from old, worn out clothing, toys, or sometimes packaging. The same can be said for ribbons and zippers.
* Photo waste: When you crop a photo you can often reduce your waste by using the “waste” portion on your work as an embellishment. Or cut out letters for a title out of a blurry photo related to your project.
* Cards you have received are an excellent source of inspiration. Most of us receive cards from friends and family in the mail for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can use parts of the card (or the whole card) for creating new cards or tags or for your layouts. This reuses the cards as well as saves you from having to buy new embellishments!


Another example of reusing cards:

* Your garbage is another’s treasure. Remember to ask your friends if they are interested in your scrappy stash that you no longer need. They may have the perfect use for it. And don’t forget that instead of throwing stuff out, hospitals, women’s shelters, children’s groups and schools would gladly accept your donation of crafting supplies.
* Simply recycle. Your paper scraps, cardboard backings and some plastics that you don’t use on your projects can be recycled. Keep a box or pail beside your table for your recyclable materials. I recycle as much as I possibly can. I have been amazed at how much LESS garbage I take to the trash barrel every week now!

Best wishes in your attempts to scrap green!!!

Technique Tidbit Thursday – Ceramic Tile Coasters

Ceramic Tile Coasters
By Mary Chong

Ceramic Tile Coasters are a super easy project to make. They make great gifts – given individually or as a set tied with a pretty ribbon bow. A friend of mine gives them to teachers/baby sitters and has her kids decorate and sign/date the underside of the coasters.

This is also an easy project to “assembly line” if you wanted to make a whole bunch. Once they are stamped you can take your time colouring and then top coat them all at one time.

You can also use this same technique to make fridge magnets – just buy 1×1 tiles and hot glue heavy duty magnets onto the back.

– unglazed 4×4 ceramic tiles (I use tumbled marble)
– stazon ink pads
– detailed stamps (rubber or acrylic)
– stazon stamp cleaner or similar
– coloured pencils or markers
– clear acrylic spray paint (ie. Krylon)
– felt/cork/rubber cushions for “feet”



Step 1 – Prepare the tiles
It is very important that the tiles you buy are unglazed so that the ink will adhere to the tile and won’t just “sit” on top
– Wash and dry thoroughly the ceramic tile to ensure there is no dust or residue.

Step 2 – Plan out your design
Stazon ink is permanent – once you’ve stamped it there is no going back so take a moment now to decide how you want your design to look. I often choose a stamp that has an antique look to it. This way it doesn’t matter if I don’t get a perfect impression when I stamp.

Step 3 – Stamp your design
– Stamp your design with the stazon ink – I like to use brown ink because it gives an antique feel especially with the tumbled marble tile.
– Tiles are a bit slick and your stamp may slip and slide so be careful and take your time.
– Don’t forget to clean your stamps afterwards to prevent staining.
– I am showing 2 versions – one done with markers and one done with pencil crayons so that you can see the difference between the 2 colouring medium.
(I’m using stamps by Stampin’ Up! and Krista Schneider for Sunshine Designs)


Step 3 – Colour your design
– Once the stazon ink is totally dry. Apply colour with pencil crayons, markers, or chalks.
– You can even layer your colours or layer your colouring medium together.


**NOTE: Some people pop their tiles into an oven at this point to cure the design – 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes OR they heat them with their embossing gun for a while and then cool overnight. Personally I’ve never done this and my tiles have weathered the test of time… Either way – continue to Step 4.

Step 4 – Protect your design
– Take your project outside (due to the paint fumes) and spray multiple light coats of clear acrylic paint, allowing the paint to dry between coats.
– An aerosol spray is preferred to a liquid paint to avoid brush strokes.
– A few light coats is better than 1 heavy coat. Be careful here too because if you spray to heavy a coat your design may run.

Step 5 – Protect your surface
– Apply bumpers/feet to the bottom of the tile so that it doesn’t scratch your table.

Here’s my finished project

We hope you like this tutorial! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think or better yet upload a photo of your finished coasters into the gallery!

Scrappin’ Green: Tips for Eco Friendly Memory Keeping- 8th Edition

Today we welcome scrapbooker Elisha Drewery. Elisha has a wonderful idea about repurposing ribbon spools! Read on if you’d like to create something beautiful!!

I am always looking for ways to repurpose or reuse an item. Since I am a self proclaimed ribbon addict, there is no shortage of ribbon spoolies at my house. I am also a lover of mini albums. So when I discovered this idea of using ribbon spoolies to create a mini album, founded by Vicki Chrisman, I had to give it a try! This ribbon spoolie album was created for my Mom and hangs proudly in her home!
To create a ribbon spoolie album separate the outer circles from the inner ring, sand the inner ring to remove any leftover glue or paper, then cover all sides with your favorite patterned paper.
Next use tacky glue to attach the inner ring back to the bottom circle, then punch four holes as shown to run your ribbon through, to attach the top circle back to the spool.
Run your ribbon through the holes, tie into bows and you will be ready to embellish!
To complete the album (shown in the top three photos of this article), attach a 12 inch ribbon to the inside bottom of the inner ring using glue. Cut 12 circles the size of the inside of the inner ring and glue the circles front to back with the ribbon sandwiched in between the circles. You will now how 6 circles, front and back, to attach your photos and embellishments to. I also tied a knot in the bottom of the ribbon and added a loop to the lid of the album so I could close the album for display.
It can also be used as a trinket box, as shown.
I also took it one step further and used the top and bottom circles of ribbon spools to create a circle mini album. I covered both fronts and backs of the circles with patterned paper and bound them together with a metal ring embellished with ribbon.
Ribbon spoolies, once taken apart, also make great circle templates.
Thank you so much for letting me share these tips with you today! I hope it gave you new ways to turn a ribbon spoolie that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash can into a treasure!

Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 7th Edition

This week, Scrapbooker’s Club House member Lynn Marsh provides us with some excellent ‘food for thought’ about ways we can recycle and reuse old, outdated business cards and the out-of-fashion costume jewellery that almost all of us have sitting in our jewellery boxes. Read on for some great “green” tips!

Repurposing Business Cards and Costume Jewellery as Scrapbook Embellishments


Lynn Marsh

My first “green” tip is about what to do with old business cards. After I left my last job, I was left with about 100 business cards that are now completely useless, but I just couldn’t throw them out. So, I thought, why not use them for tags or journaling blocks?

My first example has been corner rounded, stamped and then alcohol inked. Being that the business card has a glossy surface, the alcohol inks worked great. The entire card is “green” as it was made using all scrap materials.

My second example is a layout. I used old business cards for the journaling tags on this. I used walnut ink spray to colour them and then stamped on my journaling lines.

For my third example, another card, I again made a tag out of a business card. I just covered it in patterned paper, inked the edges and attached a ribbon with a brad.

My last tip for using business cards is actually courtesy of Ali, and another great idea. How about doing a timeline layout, using the business cards from different positions you’ve held to show your career progression and changes? I was going to attempt a layout using just this idea, but I realized that I don’t have any more business cards from my previous positions!

My second “green” topic for this article is using old jewellery…. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of old earrings that have long since been out of fashion. How do you throw them out? On both cards shown here today, the embellishments are old, outdated earrings. I just pushed the earring post through the cardstock and bent it over in back, just like a brad.

I’m now going to clean out my jewellery box because I have a ton of old earrings, necklaces, and other things like sections of watch-bands. All of these will make great embellishments!

Thank you so much for letting me share my ideas with you. I think if we all just take a little time to think, we can all make a difference!

Please accept our appologies, this article was deleted and reposted due to technical issues… enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Sketch Contest #18

We would love to see what you can create with the following sketch.   We will choose a winner from all entries and you will win a prize from SBCH!  The winner chosen will then get to design an example from one of my sketches for one of the future blog sketch contests.  The deadline for the contest is Monday July 28th. A winner will then be chosen on Tuesday July 29th and I will post another sketch contest on Wednesday July 30th.  Scrapbooker’s Club House will continue to hold this contest biweekly. We hope you will give it a try!

When you have completed your Layout you can post it in the “blog contest” gallery or e-mail to me at or Nicole at Please be sure to also name your entry with “Blog Contest #18” either in the title or description in the gallery. Finally, This contest will remain as a blog contest and not be announced on our forum, so make sure to stay tuned regularly and check our postings daily.


Here is your sketch:

And and awesome interpretation by Designer, Ruby Marchand!

Come on a give it a try!  We would love to see your interpretation!

Winner…Blog sketch contest #17!!

Is………SHANNON CUMMINS for this wonderful interpretation of the sketch!


Congratulations Shannon!  Please be sure to send us your snail mail addy so Nicole can send you your prize!  You will also be featured as a designer on one of our next sketch contests.  Details will be sent you you via email!