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Supply Salute: Un-Du!!

This is one amazing product that every scrapper should have. Seriously. It’s right up there with owning a trimmer and adhesive.


Un-Du is as adhesive removal agent. As stated by the manufacturer, Un-Du can remove sticky labels, kids stickers, masking tape, invisible tape, name tags and price tags from almost any surface such as wood, leather, plastic, wallpaper, clothing, carpet, glass, painted walls and even plain paper. It will also remove gum, tar and candle wax. Unlike similar products, Un-Du works immediately upon contact and allows for re-adhesion. This is especially great for scrappers: the black lifting tool tip attached to the bottle allows you to guide the liquid right to your trouble spot and lift the sticker, for example, off the page. When the page dries, the spot is gone. When the sticker dries, it is once again sticky and can be placed in the correct position. The same can be done with “misplaced” photos.

In addition, Un-Du leaves no stains or residues behind and will not discolour plexiglass, acrylics or other clear plastics. Be warned: because of its many uses, your hubby may be tempted to pilfer your bottle for any sticky situation he may find himself in so maybe you better have 2 bottles on hand…just in case.

To top it off, it will not damage photos so it is now simple to get those precious photos out of those awful magnetic albums. No more dental floss or trying to pry them off the page with your fingers! This product is acid-free, photo safe and “CK approved”.

Can you believe it? See for yourself. The 4oz. Bottle can be found here at Scrapbooker’s Club House:

You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!