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Technique Tidbit Thursday: Stamping Tips

Don’t rock the stamps – place the stamp down and try to place your fingers in all 4 corners for a perfect stamp.

Don’t press really hard, especially with acrylic stamps or you smoosh your image or slide the stamp.

Stamp with a pad, magazine or pile of papers under your paper for a good image.

Before you stamp on something “permanent” like a layout or card that you don’t want to ruin, take the stamp on a test run. Try several different types of ink until you get the desired look.
Clean your stamps. It is the worst when you stamp something in bright pink and then you realize that the stamp was stained with black….NOW you have black ink impression on your brand new pink ink pad.

Technique Tidbit Thursday: Chalk Pop Stamping

A quick stamping tidbit today:

If you have a versamark pad and some chalks you can create a very soft subtle effect.  Just stamp with the versamark (or clear embossing ink will also work) then using a Q-tip type applicator or chalking tool softly brush the chalk colors over the image and the chalk will stick to the ink and create a nice soft image.

Have a wonderful day!