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Club House Challenge!

go layout

I like this layout.  The photo is kind of weird and off center but I like that is not perfect.  For this week’s challenge, take a less than perfect photo and create a layout with it.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little thought and imagination.  Be sure to link us to your blog so we can come see what you have done!

Question of the Day:  Do you enjoy being surprised or are you more of a person who needs routine?


Club House Challenge!

This week’s challenge is of a different sort.  Are you ready?  A lot of people I know, including myself, have pretty messy craft/scrapbooking spaces.  We all talk about how we’d love to have an area that is clutter free but don’t know where to start.  Today I challenge you to start the process by picking out one area of your space and working on getting that small spot ship shape.  Perhaps it is the area where you store your ribbon, or various paints.  Maybe it is your paper stash that needs straightening up.  Whatever it is, tackle one small space.  Not the whole room.  That will lead to feeling overwhelmed and result in giving up in frustration.  Just baby steps.  One small section.  That’s it.

After all, we all need to start somewhere.  :0)

Club House Challenge!

This week we are issuing what I call a “countdown” challenge.  Sound fun?  Okay, here is what you need to do.  On your layout please use:

4 stars

3 kinds of ribbon

2 words in your title

1 arrow

Here is my sample:

too cool

I hope you jump in and join the fun!  Please link us to your blog in the Comments section so we can see what you have done!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Club House Challenge!

This week’s challenge is to journal about a time you or someone else overcame a fear.  My example below is about how my daughter overcame her fear of public performing.  Please feel free to link us to your blog in the Comments below so we can see your wonderful creations.  :0)

Question of the Day:  Are you a techie?

Club House Challenge

Sorry we are so late today!  Without further ado, here is this week’s challenge:  Create a layout with a very bold title.  Something this is large and in your face, something you can’t miss.  Here is my sample:


Please feel free to link us to your blog and share with us your creations!

Club House Challenge!

Welcome to our weekly Club House Challenge!  This week, let’s look at pop culture and incorporate that into our creations.  How does it influence us?  I used the title “i-play” as a spin on the popular names of electronic gadgets out there like the i-phone or i-touch.


Let’s see what you come up with!  Please link us to your blog by commenting below.  We’d love to see what your take on this challenge is.  :0)

Question of the Day:  Name 5 things you carry in your purse at all times.

Club House Challenge!

It’s challenge day!  This time we want you to dig into your stash for some wire and beads.  Using those items, create a tag.  Here is our example:

Please feel free to share your blog links below so we can see what you have created!  :0)

Question of the Day:  What song/cd puts you in a good mood?