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An Uncertain Future


Hello everyone,

As you probably noticed, there have not been any posts in a few days.  That’s because we are based in Slave Lake, Alberta and if you have been following the news, you know that we had a huge wildfire ravage our community.  Many of our friends and family lost their homes and none of us know what we will be coming home to, whenever that may be.  The town is so unsafe right now that no one is allowed in.  I have no idea how much damage was done to my house or even if I have a store to run when I get back.   It may be days or weeks before I know anything.  Everything is so uncertain so I ask for your prayers and your patience during this time.

I’ll keep you posted.



Comments on: "An Uncertain Future" (10)

  1. we are in Ontario, and thinking of all of you during this tough time. Your family and the whole town are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending all the positive thoughts we have to you at this time.

  2. TY for the note on the SBCH Blog….Have been worrying and praying for you all, Nicole. I am so sorry for this HORRIBLE stress for you and your Slave Lake community cohorts. So unfair and awful, just beyond awful. We have been following the news w/ trepidation every day.

    Continuing to think of you ALL. ~ Ali

  3. Nicole, I was going to email you earlier this week to see if you were affected by the fires as I remembered that you were in Slave Lake. As Ali has said – I’m thinking of ALL of you there and pray for the best…- Mary

  4. Louise Fraser said:

    Here in the east we are thinking and praying for all of you. Can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through.

  5. I have received your e letters for awhile now. I did not realise that you were based in Slave Lake. I have been following the situation as we also have frends there. Our hearts and prayers go out to ALL you in this time of uncertainty.


  6. So sorry to hear of this hardship. Thinking of you and wishing you all well.

  7. OH my goodness, I’m so sorry Nicole, I hope and prayer you and your family will be able to resume a normal quickly, find the ability to renew and the strength to do it. Huge Hugs

  8. did not know about the fire, but do now and am praying for you and all the others affected by it. Praying your home and loved ones are safe!!

  9. Trina C said:

    Thank you for the comment on your blog. The community is in such turmoil right now. Everyone has that “lost” feeling. Hopefully we can be let in soon to assess the damage for ourselves but I am afraid it will be long cleaned up before we are allowed that priviledge because of the dangers there right now. Just yesterday one of the fire fighter’s helicopters crashed into the lake and he perished. 😦 insult to injury.

  10. Theresa Amlong said:

    Oh wow- my prayers are with you. Having been through a hurricane which wiped out my home, I know the helplessness you must feel. Stay strong and know that you have many prayers coming your way.

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