You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Happy New Year!

This year we are going to kick things off with a new feature: Photo Op Monday’s.  That means, on the first Monday of each month, we are going to give you a bunch of photo ideas that you can use on your scrapbook pages.

Let’s get started!

This month you may want to capture shots of:

  • 1. icicles sparkling as they hang from rooftops
  • 2. clear, blue skies reflecting light on clean snow
  • 3. firewood piled high, ready to warm your home
  • 4. a snowman
  • 5. snowballs ready to be launched by young hands
  • 6. driveways and walkways being shovelled as the day begins
  • 7. ice skating
  • 8. fluffy bed covered in snuggly quilts and comforters
  • 9. snow boots in a row by the door
  • 10. warm toes inside cozy slippers
  • 11. kids sledding down the snowy hills
  • 12. mittens, scarves, and hats that match
  • 13. fresh tracks or footprints in the snow
  • 14. smoke drifting from every chimney on the street
  • 15. snowboots by the back door
  • 16. rosy cheeks of those who have been playing outside
  • 17. a snowfort or igloo
  • 18. ice fishing

Comments on: "Photo Op Monday: The January Edition" (2)

  1. I would love to take these photos, However I live in Perth Western Australia, and at the moment it is around 38degrees so there is not a cold spell, snowflake or anything like it in sight. If you like I can send in a picture of the sun, but it really isn’t very Christmasy/newyeary. Still I love your weekly updates, so snow or no snow, keep them coming- June

    • Sometimes I forget that, being in Canada, not everyone is experiencing the same weather we are. That being said, I would love to see photos of your corner of the world. Perhaps I can post them in the future for others to enjoy as well?
      Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your thoughts. :0)
      Happy New Year!

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