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Cardstock Sale!

Good afternoon!

This week only cardstock is on on sale for 20% off! This is a super time to stock up for all those cards you will be making for Christmas and gift albums!

Sale ends Saturday October 23rd. 2010 so grab your shopping cart and save today!

 Visit the store here.


Quote of the Day

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting 
and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
–   Stanley Horowitz

Technique Tidbit Thursday: A Webby Delight!

coffee filter cobwebs

Aren’t those cobwebs just da bomb?  What a clever idea!  Megacrafty has a great tutorial on her blog on how to create these fantastic spiderwebs.  If you have coffee  filters and a craft knfe, you’re pretty much on you’re way.  See the tutorial here.

Photo Ideas for October

Capture the splendor of October with these photo suggestions:

1. gorgeous foliage

2. Thanksgiving turkey

3. Halloween costumes

4. harvest time

5. silhouette of bare trees against a sunset (or sunrise!)

6. bowls of candy

7.  bonfires

8.  fields of grain

9. pumpkins

10. corn maze

Quote of the Day

Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.
–Jack Brown

Club House Kudos: Identifont!

Have you ever seen a really cool font and didn’t know what it was?  Or maybe you knew part of its name but not enough to pull it all together in your mind?  There is a really cool site to help you out with this very problem.  It’s called Identifont and, through a series of questions, it can help you figure out the font you are looking for.

I love problem solving systems.  :0)

See Identifont here.

Photoshop Elements

I was lucky enough to have this info/site passed on to me today.  If you own Photoshop Elements and aren’t sure about how to use it, this may be the site for you.  At Everyday Elements you can find tutorials, actions, a blog and more to help you discover how to make the most of this program.  Sound like something you might want to look into?  See it all here:

Everyday Elements

Have a great day!