You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Club House Challenge!

Let’s get our cameras out and challenge ourselves to get some fun summer shots!  Here are a few ideas:

    dirty feet
    grass stained jeans
    bottles of sunscreen
    skinned knees
    plants in your garden
    popsicle sticky hands and face
    favorite flower
    goggle-d faces
    kids wrapped up in towels
    running through the sprinkler spray
    sandy legs at the beach
    swimsuits hanging out to dry
    your favorite flavor from the ice cream shop
    your teen’s stomping grounds
    summer school or camp projects
    favorite booth at your farmer’s market
    beach balls
    kite flying
    favorite playground equipment
    picnic spots
    flying kiites
    favorite walking / bike trail
    your child’s usual playmates
    girl’s night out
    bbq / picnic attendees
    your neighbors
    summer sports teammates, parents & coaches
    lazy mornings curled up on the couch
    stacks of books from the library
    favorite rainy day / too hot to go outside games
    sandals piled up by the front door
    packed up sports gear / beach bag / picnic basket
    favorite summer foods
    sandals/painted toenails
    Have fun you little shutterbugs and have a wonderful day!

Comments on: "Club House Challenge!" (1)

  1. Trina C said:

    Love the dirty feet idea! I think that will be a great photo op fo later today!

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