You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

June’s Altered Portfolio Project  by Michelle V.

All products are from SBCH.

1ea Bazzill Coin Holder Book
24” (approx) ribbon
3ea 12×12 sheet med/heavy weight pattern paper (I used Daisy Bucket Designs: Chillin Charlie, Tubular Ty, Awesome Adam)
8ea buttons the same style (I used Melissa Frances vintage metal buttons)
1ea button same size, different style (I used Melissa Frances vintage metal buttons)
1ea large, two-piece flower (I used Prima Romantica ones)
mod-podge or scrappy glue
exact-o knife
trimmer or scissors
white gel pen
glue dots

1. Cut 6 rectangles of pattern paper to 7 ½”x 5 ½”. Sand if desired.
2. Adhere to front and back panels. (NOTE: These are slightly smaller than the panels themselves, so remember to center them.) Using a brayer to smooth out bubbles is a good idea, starting in the center and working outwards.

3. Cut photos to: 1- vertical 3 ¼” x 5”; 1-horizontal 2 ¾” x 5”; 1-square 3 ½”
4. Sand edges of photos, if desired.
5. Lay out your photos and mark the holes you can feel under the paper that you want to expose with a pen.

Burnish the edges of the holes with your fingernail or a bone folder or something hard to show the edges.
6. Cut out circles with exact-o knife. TIP: Holding your knife so the blade is SLIGHTLY leaning with the point toward the center will help to keep you from cutting into the coin holder itself. Sand edges if desired.
7. Cut three strips of ribbon to 5 ¼” long.
8. Place under photos.

9. Embellish: I placed 8 buttons that were the same into the holes, except for the one in the center under the middle picture. I put my flower in there and used a different but similar button for the center.

10. Journal around the buttons on the black with a white gel pen.

11. Tie extra length of ribbon around closed book.


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