You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

By Noella A.

Today we are going to create takeout boxes!


1 – 8 1/2 x 11″ Cardstock
1 – pc double sided patterned paper (I used this line from Scenic Route)
Flower Stamp
Distress Ink
Hole Punch
Glue Stick

1. Follow instructions for the following template and instructions designed by Mirkwood Designs:

2. I resized my template to be about 8″, I used my photo edit program to do so. Print out template and cut out. Using a scorer trace your template onto your cardstock. Cut out.

3. Using your template as a over top and score where indicated by broken lines. Make your box and glue corners on the inside.

4. Using your template once again as a guide, cut out patterned papers for all four sides. (I used two patterns) And Glue.

5. Decorate!

6. You can punch a hole or follow the template instructions for the closure method. I used a ribbon for the top through a punched hole.

7. Whaa laa, there you have it a perfect little trinket box to hide little candy or toys inside!


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