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Digital Download

Grab a cuppa joe and head on over to Life is not a Cereal.  Jenny has created some amazing kits that are available for free for your downloading pleasure.  I really love the Afternoon Delight scrap kit pictured below  :0) See it  and many others here.
afternoon delight kit

Question of the day: Do you enjoy renovating and painting?  Or do you just grit your teeth and do what you gotta?


Comments on: "Digital Download" (2)

  1. June Heywood said:

    I Love renovating and painting I find it very thereaputic, and relaxing. I really like being able to show off my flair for interior design. It is nice to have your work appreciated by others, However it is even nicer to sit back and review your achievements and think this is me, and just feel happy in your space.

  2. No, I find it very frustrating. If I had the time and the money without stressing, maybe it would be different.

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