You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Here is a simple technique to help you get more mileage out of your stamps! I like to do with this is bold alphabet stamps to give them a new look.

The “Dirty” Kissing Technique

1.Take a background or textured stamp and ink it with a dark color. Place it face up on your work surface.
2.Then ink a solid stamp with a lighter color. Press the solid stamp into the background stamp so that they “kiss” each other.
The background stamp leaves a pattern into the solid stamp.
3. Take the “kissed “solid stamp and stamp onto cardstock.


“Naked” Kissing Technique

This technique is basically the same as above but instead of inking both stamps, leave the pattern stamp plain/naked/without ink.  Only the solid stamp receives ink.  “Kiss” as above and voila!



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  1. Love the titles! 🙂

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