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Club House Challenge!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  This week’s Club House Challenge is this:  get out that sticker stash of yours and create a card.  Stickers are perfect for this.  Easier than stamping and colouring an image, right?  So get yours out and get creating! 

Here is my sample:
penguin hello card

Please feel free to share your work with us by linking us to your blog in the Reply section.  :0)

Question of the Day:  What would be the colour scheme of your dream scrap room?


Comments on: "Club House Challenge!" (2)

  1. brown and white and black, love the neutrals and such. It’s cozy and inspiring for me. 🙂

    That card is cute, love penguins! 🙂

  2. Such a cute card Nic!
    Oh, I have so many combos of colors I’d like to try….my current one is probably lighter walls, like a soft yellow with dark counters and counter tops.

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