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Walnut ink, made from the shells of actual walnuts, comes in a liquid or crystal form. These crystals are mixed with water to produce ink. The intensity of the ink varies depending on the amount of crystals and water used. The manufacturer may suggest you start with a darker solution and thin it as necessary to lighten the colour. Generally, when working with crystals, dissolve 1 tsp. per 1 cup of water.

Tsukineko’s walnut ink spritzer bottles are a form of premixed walnut ink liquid. Manufactured in four shades, the ink can be sprayed directly onto paper or poured out and used as paint.  They are archival and acid free. 

 Are other brands of walnut ink acid free? There is some debate. The actual walnut ink itself is not acid free, but some claim that the dried end-product is pH neutral. If you are concerned about this, just remember to mount your photos onto acid-free cardstock before adhering them to a walnut painted background to act as a buffer OR keep any inked items well away from your photographs.

Walnut Ink works as a “color wash” to stain paper and provides a vintage look to handmade cards or scrapbook pages. Once dry, you can stamp on it using either dye, permanent or pigment inks. And because it is a wet medium initially, you can achieve varying shades of color depending on the strength of the mix you use or add texture just by dabbing in places with a tissue, rag, sea sponge or crumpled plastic wrap 

TIP: Walnut ink behaves differently on different paper surfaces.  So play around with the papers until you get the look you want.  Remember this STAINS fabric and other porous surfaces so you may want to wear gloves or use tweezers to handle your items when wet.
walnut ink

Walnut ink can be purchased here.

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