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Digital Download

Every couple of weeks, I’d like to share a digital freebie with you.  Many of us scrapbooking do so in the “traditional” way of using paper, glue, scissors, etc.  But more and more are moving toward hybrid scrapbooking (a mixture of using both traditional tools and digital) or converting completely to digital.  With these scrapbookers in mind, I’d like to present our first digital download post.

After scouring the internet, I found this cool download which is perfect for the New Year from Digital Freebies.  As you can see it includes paper, a journaling card, and a cute button.  Have fun!

Question of the Day:  What book do you keep going back to and rereading time and time again?


Comments on: "Digital Download" (3)

  1. suburbanmoxie said:

    Hands down, has to be the Bible, followed by a copy of Clean & Simple Scrapbooking by Cathy Zielske. I love the simplicity of Cathy’s layouts.

  2. I never even thought of the Bible, but that IS the one I return to again and again. I have a list of faves I reread once in awhile…Book of Negroes, Watership Down, Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men…classics. 🙂

    • Oh, Watership Down, yes. The Life of Pi. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon series. At least I WANT to reread these, (Watership Down I did reread) but haven’t got around to it yet. They call me though. 🙂

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