You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

By Michelle Vekved

Welcome to the Cookie Sheet Perpetual Calendar Class!


You will need:
1 – 9″x13″ plain metal cookie sheet (or bigger, adjust your sizing below)
(NOTE: Non-stick cookie sheets will need to have coating removed for glue to adhere properly)
1 – 12″x12″ Bazzill Yam cardstock
Several sheets of pattern paper (I used: BG Phoebe: Ghiradelli Square, North Beach, Pier 39)
2 – 2′ lengths ribbon
1 – 12″ length ribbon
2 – metal charms
33 – Basic Grey Magnetic Closures
Basic Grey Alphabet Stickers in black (I used Scarlet Letter)
Diamond Glaze
adhesive (I used glue dots)
scissors, trimmer
black pen/ rub-ons/ stickers
fine black beading wire (optional)
small beading or needle nose pliers (optional)
sticky scotch tape (optional)


1. Cut one sheet of pattern paper for background to 9″x12″.
2. Cut one strip of pattern paper for top background (behind days of the week) to 7/8″x9″
3. Round two corners of each of above, to fit corners of pan. Adhere to cookie sheet.
4. Cut one strip of cardstock to 2 9/16″x12″ and one to 2 9/16″x1 1/4. Adhere together to measure total length of 12 3/16″.
5. Cut 12 strips of pattern paper to 1″x2 1/2″. Space evenly and adhere to above cardstock strip. (If you space correctly, the second one should cover the seam in the cardstock.)
6. Cut 12 strips of cardstock to 1/2″x1 1/2″. Adhere to above strip, one per strip of pattern paper. Write the months of the year on these. (If you like the diamond glazed look, you can diamond glaze these before adhering to paper.)
7. Cut 7 strips of pattern paper to 7/8″x11″. Place beside cardstock strip and space out evenly across cookie sheet. Adhere to background paper.
8. Cut 6 strips of pattern paper to 1/8″x6 3/8″. Space out evenly across above thin vertical strips, starting with one at the top and finishing with one at the bottom of the above strips.

9. Adhere letter stickers aross top to represent days of the week, one per vertical strip.
10. Cut 31 squares of cardstock to 3/4″x3/4″.
11. You can choose to use rub-ons or stickers or just write the numbers on if you like, OR make numbers from beading wire, wrapping around tip of pliers to make curly cues, and using one piece of wire for each individual number, from 1 to 31. I found it helped to have a long strip of tape with the ends folded over and stuck to the table (with the sticky side up ) to stick the numbers to so I knew how far I got and if the numbers fit on the squares (you can slide a square along under the tape to make sure.)

12. Place numbers in center of cardstock squares and cover with diamond glaze, being generous helps, making a little bubble of diamond glaze covering the wire. Use a paper piercer or toothpick or pin to remove bubbles (push off the square and then move square from the puddle of diamond glaze) and to pull diamond glaze to the edges. Once complete, use the tool to position the numbers correctly on the square. Set aside and let dry. Once dry for a more interesting finish, you can gently bend each square a few times and achieve a cracked glass look.

13. Tie one end of 2′ length of ribbon to each metal charm. Adhere the other end to the back of the bottom edge of the cookie sheet. (If your cookie sheet has holes in it, you can tie it to the sheet instead.)
14. Adhere one self adhesive magnet to the back of each number square.
15. Remove adhesive from the back of two magnets and adhere to the back of metal charms using diamond glaze (doesn’t matter what side of magnet get’s glued.)
16. Adhere ends of 12″ length of ribbon to back of top edge of cookie sheet, approx 5″ or 6″ apart, centered. (Or use an easel as I did.)
17. Place numbers according to current month, use magnets to mark day and month. Hang on the wall and enjoy!


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