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Alcohol inks are an alcohol based, acid free, transparent ink that are put out by Ranger. They are perfect for any smooth, non-porous surface. Glass, plastic, dominos, metal, ceramic, acetate, glossy card and cd’s can all be used with this product. Alcohol inks are so different from regular inks because they tend not to blend. If you cover a glossy surface with one colour, you can drop other colours onto it and it will “push” the original colour out of the way. This is one of the reasons that it needs to be used on glossy or slick surfaces. On mat paper the alcohol ink is absorbed and can’t be displaced so it just looks muddy. The Alcohol Blending Solution is used to blend the colours together and soften the look of darker ink colours.  If you are a follower of Tim Holtz and his techniques on his blog, he uses alcohol inks regularly with spectacular results.
alcohol ink

Question of the day:  Are you a purger or a hoarder?


Comments on: "Product Spotlight: Alcohol Ink" (2)

  1. Mostly a hoarder I think, however, every once in a while I purge my sb supplies and give to my neice. As for the rest of the house, I’m definately a purger, but dh is a hoarder.

  2. haha! You’ve seen my house, definitely a hoarder! 🙂 Wish I weren’t though, it’s rather expensive and causes more work when it comes to cleaning up… :s

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