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Club House Challenge!

Today’s challenge is a photo challenge.  I would like you to experiment with low lighting today.  That’s right–set that camera on manual mode, grab your instruction book and start playing around!  Try photographing your Christmas tree, a birthday cake or a mennorah with it’s glowing candles.  It’s up to you but take this as an opportunity to get to know your camera a little better.
tree 2008

Question of the day: What is your favorite thing about winter?


Comments on: "Club House Challenge!" (4)

  1. I love this photo! Looks almost vintage!

    Winter.. I love the stillness in the night, the crispness of the air, the silence of falling snow. All things magical.

  2. Beautiful picture!

    My favorite thing about winter is when it ends….I really don’t like winter at all!

  3. That photo is gorgeous!!! Looks like it’s painted! Great work Nic!

    My favorite thing about winter is downhill skiing. And when winter ends. I hate winter too. I could do without it.

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