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Club House Kudos

This week I want to give props to the greatest guy in scrapbooking: Tim Holtz!  His 12 tags of Christmas blow me away every year and this year (the third year running) was no exception.  Be sure to check out all the cool techniques he demonstrates.  There is a ton to learn!  And, b y the way, we carry several Ranger/Tim Holtz items with more coming so if there is anything you want to try after seeing Tim’s amazing work, we can help you.

Check it all out here.

Question of the Day:  If you had a ticket to fly anyplace in the world today, where would you go?


Comments on: "Club House Kudos" (4)

  1. Love, love, love Tim Holtz!!!

    I would fly somewhere warm…..anywhere warm!!!

  2. Love Tim too!!! I am always amazed at his techniques.

    I would fly somewhere warm too. I hate winter. Maybe Hawaii. Even Arizona…as long as it’s warm.

  3. Australia! – Me too on lovin’ Tim!

  4. Either Italy or Costa Rica or Spain. I’d have to see what the weather was like the day I was leaving! 🙂

    I love Tim Holtz. VERY inspiring! I wish I had his studio, too!!

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