You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

By Laura C.

For this class, we’re going to alter a clipboard! 🙂   It’s easy to do and is easily adaptable for different themes.

1. Step one: gather a clipboard, 2 pieces of patterned paper, liquid adhesive or glue stick, mod podge, a brush, a sanding block or sand paper and a brayer (optional). You may also want paint or embellishments like chipboard letters, ribbon or flowers (all optional).

2. Step 2: Trace your clipboard on the patterned paper.

3. Step 3: Scuff up your clipboard with the sanding block or sand paper so the paper will “stick” to it better. This may be a bit messy if your clipboard is coated with something, but you can wipe the sanding block and clipboard down when you’re finished. [You’ll note that my clipboard changes color mid photos. This is because I didn’t scuff it up enough and the first batch of paper didn’t stick well, so I had to redo it … really get aggressive with that sanding!]

4. Step 4: Apply patterned paper with liquid adhesive or glue stick and use brayer to press down evenly.

5. Step 5: Sand the edges of your clipboard to even them out and get rid of any excess paper.

6. Step 6: Coat with Mod Podge (both sides, letting one dry before coating the other).

7. Step 7: After the Mod Podge dries, if you clipboard is like mine, attach the hard ware. You’ll also notice that I used a paint dauber to paint the outside edges of the clipboard — this is totally optional.

8. Now, your clipboard is basically complete. It’s time to attach any embellishments you’d like to use. Remember not to put anything “bumpy” on the space you’ll need to write on.

Here is my finished product, front and back:

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial!  Please feel free to show us what you’ve made by leaving a comment and a link to you blog below.

Question of the Day:  What is on your Wish List this year?


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday: Altered Clipboard" (2)

  1. Awesome! That is so gorgeous!

    I really havent’ started a wish list this year, but I’m happy with anything that I get. Could use some new pj’s and gift certificates for scrappy goodies are always welcome!

  2. Hmm, wishlist. Well, I’m getting a kitchen, and I already bought most of the things I’ve been wanting as my dh usually asks me on Christmas eve what I want, even if I’ve given him a list. So, other than perfume for my birthday (last week) there really isn’t much else I want. Except maybe a new ski suit. My old one is so tight, I’m afraid of splitting the seams when I bend over! Very slimming though!

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