You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

By Laura C.

Step 1: Gather: a Rolodex w/ at least 24 cards, 2-6 sheets of patterned paper, adhesive, paper cutter, scissors, tab punch or corner rounder, misc embellishments, and a pen or small alpha stamps or small alpha rubons

Step2: Glue 12 sets of 2 rolodex cards together with the plain lined side facing outwards.

Step 3: Cut 12 pieces of patterned paper to 1.5×4 inches (sorry, I don’t know the conversion to centimeters for our metric-using friends, I hope you can figure it out!). You can use 2, 3, 4, or 6 different sheets of patterned paper based on your preference — I used 6.

*Important Note* You may need to adjust the size of your paper depending on the size of your rolodex (mine is a small one). Be sure the paper will cover the rolodex cards from the holes at the bottom to the top of the lines.

Step 4: Adhere the patterned paper to the rolodex cards right above the notches/holes where the rolodex card attaches to the plastic holder. The paper should cover all of the lines on the rolodex card.

Step 5: Flip your cards over and there will be some patterned paper “overhang” — trim this off.

Step 6: Punch out your tabs. If you don’t have a tab punch: To create the tabs, cut one of your small pieces of paper into 4ths to create four 1.5in by 1in pieces. Fold in half, so you have a 0.75 tall by 1 inch wide tab. Corner round the top two corners.

Step 7: Write, stamp or rub on the months of the year onto your tabs.

Step 8: Adhere your tabs to your cards, alternating from the left to the right each time.

Step 9: Embellish your rolodex to your liking with buttons, flowers, chipboard, etc. You might even consider using spray paint appropriate for plastic to change it to a different color.

Voila! Your rolodex is complete!

So, what now, you may ask. Well, you create a card for each person whose birthday you want to remember, and place that card behind the appropriate month. There is no right or wrong way to do your cards, it’s whatever works for you. Some people like to include a picture of the person on the card. Other ideas are to include people’s favorite color, sizes, favorite store, gift ideas, etc. Be creative and remember this is YOUR calendar and a tool meant to help you remember the important people in your life on their special day.


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday: Perpetual Rolodex Calendar" (1)

  1. Love the idea of using it to keep track of people’s sizes and gift ideas!

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