You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Fall Ball Mini Crop!

Fall brings to my mind changes in the leaves, crispness in the air and for some reason dances! School dances, Halloween dances and Christmas parties are on people’s minds this time of year. What came to my mind this fall is Elegance. I live in a small community where blue jeans and hooded sweaters are nearly a way of life. Sometimes I dream of the glitz and glamour of having a stunning, sequined ball gown, fashionable, slinky high heels and a man in a stunning tuxedo and best of all…..a place to go to dance the night away! This is where the idea of the Fall Ball Crop comes from.

Come join us this Friday, November13 for our Fall Ball Mini Crop.  We will have fun challenges for you and prizes to be won as well.  All challenges will be posted on our forum in the Online Crop area and you will have until midnight MST Sunday, November 15th to complete your creations.

Hope to see you there!  :0)


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