You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

By Heather R.


    patterned papers and cardstock that match – i used 3 patterns and 2 solids
    large playing cards – mine are 5 x 7. Heidi Swapp makes some or you could use light weight chipboard cut to size ribbon
    binder rings or something else to bind things – ribbon would work
    glue stick or mod podge
    scissors/exacto knife
    alphas – i used thickers, but chipboard would be good too
    embellishments that coordinateYou know those jointed happy birthday banners you can buy in the store? Well, I’m gonna show you how I make my own, using jumbo playing cards as the base. You can customize the colors and embellish to match your party perfectly! And everyone loves a homemade touch.  If there aren’t any parties in your future, how about a welcome banner for your living room? Or maybe a smaller version for your kids bedroom door? You could even plan ahead and make one that says Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving. The sky’s the limit!

    First I sanded the cards. Mine are right about 5×7. This got a bit messy, but was easily cleaned up with a damp cloth.

    Next I covered one side of the card with glue stick and attached it to patterned paper for the back of the card. Then I sat on them. Really. It’s true. See, the heat and pressure helps the papers bond. Really. I learned it from Donna D. Now, if you’re using mod podge, I don’t recommend the sitting thing. 😉

    After I had all the playing cards backed, I cut them out. I used a total of 5.

    Then you need to cover the other side. I used 2 different solids, and alternated them.

    I then took the 3 that would have the message and added a little contrasting color to the background and added the letters. I used stickers for this and overlapped them, mostly because birthday didn’t fit otherwise.

    I added the eyelets to the corners 1/2″ from both edges and used ribbon to tie the cards together. The ribbon is the only thing I measured. It was a little over 6″ long.

    And after adding a little embellishment and doodling to the word cards and decorating the end cards with party themed stuff (this is for dd’s high school musical party), it’s all done. 🙂

    Here is a couple closeups of the end cards.

    Have fun!


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday: Create a Birthday Banner!" (2)

  1. Love, and Loved this tutorial!!! Have the Zoo banner I made with these excellent instructions up on my Noah’s bedroom door! Give this a try gals, it’s great! TY for the reminder of how much FUN these are to make!!!! ~ Ali

  2. Clever idea to use regular playing cards as a base, and great tip about the sitting part! I will definitely remember this project.

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