You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Written by Trina Carbert

Paper tearing is the first “technique” I learned and nine years later it’s still my favorite. It’s actually very versatile and adds great dimension! It’s a VERY easy and cost effective way to texturize and add distressing to your projects! AND it’s GREAT for stress relief! 

Paper tearing requires NO tools – just paper and your own two hands! 

Start by either laying your paper on a flat surface or holding it in both hands.

If you lay it on a flat surface use one hand to hold the paper down, the other to tear.

If holding in both hands make sure you don’t wrinkle the edge you will want to keep.



You can easily vary the sizes of the “waves” you make while tearing too, just by using your fingers as a guide. Don’t worry if you tear a little too much or not quite enough. You can go back and tear it more or more to your liking after. Also, it doesn’t have to be perfect – the glory of paper tearing!  :0)



It’s easy to add some depth to the torn edge just by inking it a little.


Another way to tear your paper for a really neat effect is to use some tape (or other adhesive you can remove) on the face of your paper.  This is how I got the white areas on the layout shown below: 

Adhere the tape LIGHTLY and tear away GENTLY. If you don’t get the effect you want, try again.  (You may want to try this on a scrap piece of paper before doing it on your good papers.) Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Tearing is supposed to look rough.


If you want a “rough” edge, but fairly straight, lay a ruler on your paper, hold down tight and tear along the ruler’s edge. There are also a few paper tearing tools out there if you are afraid to try this technique sans tools! 

I hope I’ve answered some questions here and given you inspiration to try this technique on your own.  Happy tearing!


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