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Liquid pearls are a versatile medium by Ranger.   They can be used as a dimensional decoration, or an opalescent paint. You can also use Liquid Pearls as an embellishment in much the same way as you would use glitter glue or liquid appliqué.   They were created to work on paper AND fabric.

Liquid Pearls were designed to make little pearlized dots that look like freshwater pearls when dry. To use, you can apply it straight out the bottle but you must let them dry naturally for several hours. Also, there is a tendency to get “Hershey Kiss” peaks on your pearls. Just use your finger and thumb to give it a little “flick” on the backside of your paper a couple of times and the peak will disappear, leaving a rounded “pearl”.

Here is a layout I created using baby blue Liquid Pearls.  I drew the outline of the circle first and then applied the Liquid Pearls along the line:


According to other articles, Liquid Pearls can also be diluted with water to make an opalescent paint. I have never tried this personally but you could also use the pearls directly from the bottle, by applying them to a sponge or piece of felt, and then “pouncing” or rubbing the color onto your project to achieve a painterly effect that way.

Liquid Pearls can also be blended with each other to make more colors, so the colour choices become endless. Have fun!

Note-: Liquid Pearls must be kept from very cold temperatures. If they get too cold, or freeze, they will be ruined.


Comments on: "Supply Salute: Liquid Pearls" (4)

  1. Trina C said:

    I saw these used last week and they are uber cool! Must have some me thinks!

  2. Great info, TY Nicole! Love the “look” of these! TYFS and gorgeous LO BTW! ~ Ali

  3. Really beautiful LO!

  4. Beautiful LO!!! Love the pearls, they are a perfect accent.

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