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Supply Salute: Ribbon

This month at Scrapbooker’s Club House we will be examining how we can use ribbon on our layouts and other creations.  Ribbon is readily available in every colour of the rainbow and in a multitude of textures.  It is one of the hottest trends in scrapbooking that won’t be going away any time soon.  Its versatility makes it ideal for the creative genius in you!  And, as far as embellishments go, it is quite inexpensive as well—every scrapbooker’s dream!


Ribbon Techniques


1.       Make a knot, trim off the excess and glue to the center of a flower.

2.       Weave it.  This can be done by cutting small slits in your paper and weaving the ribbon over and under the page. Alternatively, you can also weave multiple strands of ribbon on the page itself.  Mixing widths and textures adds pizzaz!

3.       Use it to top a tag.

4.       Create a border.

5.       Cut lengths of ribbon.  Loop and glue the ends together.  Place several of these ribbon loops in a circle formation, placing a large brad paper circle or even a button in the center.  Glue.  You have now created a ribbon flower!

6.       Stamp on it.  You may need to heat set your stamping to prevent bleeding.

7.       Create pleats for dimension.  Glue pleats down with ribbon glue or sew instead.

8.       Make your own striped paper using different ribbons instead of using patterned paper.

9.       Use it to dangle a charm off of.

10.   Make a bow or make knots for a more masculine look.

11.   Cover chipboard.

12.   Create photo corners.  Start with a 3-inch strip of ribbon (grosgrain works well). Fold both ends down at the midpoint to form a triangle; iron. Repeat until you have two or four ribbons for each picture. Slip triangles—with seams in back—over corners of photos, and use acid-free double-sided photo tape to affix them to album pages.

13.   Make curly ribbons by wrapping tightly around a dowel rod or pencil (securing with pins if needed), spraying with a cornstarch solution and baking in the oven for about five minutes. Leave to cool, set over night then remove from the dowel. Great for album covers and bindings.


Attaching ribbon


Ribbon can be adhered to your pages by several methods:



Glue: ribbon glue by Making Memories works well as do glue dots or running it through a Xyron

Secure with brads, eyelets or nailheads



Ribbon can add a little spice to your pages in so many ways!  Visit our Gallery for more ideas and inspiration to start you on your way to using this fabulous embellishment. 


Comments on: "Supply Salute: Ribbon" (3)

  1. Thanks for all the suggestions Nicole! Some there that I hadn’t thought of! Great article. :O) -Ali

  2. Love the tutorial on ribbon…Are you a Canadian store?
    Saving all these suggestions on ribbon..
    TFS and nice to meet you again on Canadian Carnival of bloggers.
    connie paxman

  3. Yes, we are proudly Canadian and located in Alberta. :0)

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