You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

by Elisha Drewery

SBCH Guest Design Team Member, December 2008

If your children are anything like mine, you can’t go by the quarter machines without them pulling on your clothes begging for change. My DD, in particular, loves the sticker machines. She will save her quarters from snack so that when we visit our favorite restaurant, she can invest them in Hannah Montana stickers of all shapes and sizes. Lucky for me, these little gems are nestled nicely into little paper folders when they come out of the machine. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, I turn them into little pocket perks to slip into Carley’s lunch box for school. Carley loves attention and often times feels like she isn’t getting enough of it, so this is my way to show her a little extra love when she is least expecting it.
These are the little paper folders you start out with:

Paper Folders

I, then, separate each folder into two pieces and fold them in half.




After they are folded, I cover them with paper and embellish, as desired: Embellished Folders

They are now ready to write little notes in and give to that special someone.

A little TLC tucked inside... A little TLC tucked inside, by Mom
So the next time your children come home with their pockets loaded down with stickers, be sure to save the little paper folders to make pocket perks of your own!


Comments on: "Scrappin’ Green: Tips for Eco-Friendly Memory Keeping~ 20th Edition" (5)

  1. Elisha, these are beautiful. I would LOVE to find one in my lunchbox if I were a little person at school! How fun! GREAT job. ~ A

  2. Nicole D. said:

    That’s so sweet! My kids would love this. :0)

  3. what an awesome idea! I don’t have any of those little cards, but I’m sure I could find something! 🙂

  4. How sweet are those! What a fantastic idea!

  5. Too Cute Elisha!! What a super idea!

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