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“Cropped-off scraps”~ Useful?!!!~ How?

By Ali MacDonald

One of the best things about thinking green is that we are SO much more conscious of waste and are working to ensure that we get as much “mileage” out of things as we can before they hit the trash. For me, this includes the pieces I trim (crop) from my pictures!

I often save the cropped-off scraps as they provide interesting textures and colours that can be used as accents on layouts.

Before I scoop them into the garbage bin, I have a quick look at what I have cropped from my photos.

I ask myself:

1. Is there anything on this cropped-off scrap that can be USED in another way for my SB’ing or cardmaking?

2. Can I utilize the colours this piece has on it? (ie: Scraps cropped from a bright, colourful pic.) Remember that back and white can be just as effective as an accent as “brights” can!

3. Is there any interesting texture?
Look for: mesh fencing, sand, water, pebbles, rocks, waves, brick, wood, grass/hay, siding, roofing tiles/shingles, clouds, leaves, shadows, puddles, flooring, and fence-posts; the list is endless

Here is a photo showing some of the colours and textures from cropped-off scraps I have saved for future projects.


You can easily use such portions of cropped-off scraps to embellish cards and pages!

Here are some examples of how this can be done.

A) Twilight Moth Tag:

pic-2-25Look carefully…Rhododendron leaves that had been cropped from the edge of a garden photo were carefully trimmed for use on this tag. They add a touch of realism.


Additionally, since the cropped off photo scrap was glossy (not matte, as I usually prefer) it added a bit of sheen under the moth which gave a nice effect to this muted tag. Here is a photo of the underside of the tag, where you can really see the leaves I added after they were trimmed from the cropped-off photo scrap.


B) Festive Card:

Colourful strips trimmed from a toy photo were used on this birthday-themed card!


C) Summer Layout:

Cropped-off scraps from photos of the kids in the pool make perfect turquoise “Colour-Blocks” on a summer-fun pet LO.


D) Sympathy or Friendship Card:

This cropped-off scrap boasted brick-work & a bit of “Bleeding Heart” floral interest- too beautiful to discard. This could be used either as a friendship card or as a sympathy card for a close friend.


E) “Boo to You” Tag:

A cropped-off scrap of a black and white outdoor scene is perfect used on a tag made for a Halloween treat bag!


Have fun seeing what possibilities lie in those “cropped-off scraps!” I’d love to see what you can come up with! Feel free to place a link to your creation in the “Comment” section below.

Thanks for allowing me to share this Scrappin’ Green idea, it has been percolating in my “noggin” for awhile! 😉


Comments on: "Scrappin’ Green – “Cropped-off Scraps”" (11)

  1. You are a wealth of ideas, Ali! Tfs!

  2. I love this idea! You rock Ali!

  3. Great use of your scraps!

  4. This is a great idea! I am already incorporating my scrap cardstock in layouts, but this picture idea is so thrifty!

  5. OMGosh! I never would have thought it! All of my photo pieces were going straight to the trash, but I will definitely take a closer look at them from now on!

  6. Super tips and example pics Ali!!! tfs!

  7. […] MacDonald has an interesting article up here on using your scraps and cropped off pieces for other […]

  8. Great ideas for using photo scraps … not something that I have give any thought to before now.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Big thanks to you ALL for reading and commenting– and Thank You to Angie over at Scrapscene for the link to the article on Saturday! Wahooo! How awesome is THAT??? :o) ~Ali

  10. One thing I did with a large bunch of photo scraps that were all of the same thing was cut the letters out for my title so it matched well.

    Awesome tip, Ali!

  11. That is a GREAT idea Michelle! TYFS… :o)

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