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Hello everyone!  Happy almost Halloween!

Here is a wonderful article that Nicole Drewniak came up with!

Photo Transfers- By Nicole Drewniak

A photo transfer is quite simply the transfer of an image from the original
to another medium. Your final result is a semi-transparent image you can use
anywhere on your page. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  But it’s really not!
Here’s some step by step instructions for the packing tape/laminate method
so you too can create this cool look with your photos! Even if you are a
beginner, you’ll look like a pro.

You’ll need:

a. Color photocopy of your image or image cut from a magazine or book.
(Note: Inkjet printouts will NOT work)
b. Roll of packing tape
c. Scissors
d. Bowl of warm water


1.To begin, cut your image out so that only the part you want to transfer
remains. Then cover the entire top of your image with the tape. You are
somewhat limited it with regards to your image size if you wish to stay
within the width of the tape.  If you don’t mind the “seams” of the tape
showing on larger images, then go for it!  Smooth the tape on and then
Tip: For larger images, you may wish to use laminate sheets instead.

2. Soak your image in warm water for 3-5 minutes.

3.Remove your image from the water and, using your finger, rub off the paper
on the back of the image. All of the white paper will come off, leaving only
your image. This may take awhile, so don’t give up.  Do not scrape it off or
the image will scratch off too. Your image transfer isn’t complete until all
of the backing paper has been removed. Your result will be a
semi-transparent image that you can now use as a page accent. Adhere using
any method you might use for vellum or other semi-transparent accents such
as a Xyron. You’ll be able to see some patterns through the images once it
is attached to a background.

Tip: If you want, leave some of the paper on for a more mottled look. If you
don’t like the shine of the tape/laminate, consider using sandpaper or matte
medium to tone it down.  When using this method with magazine images please
note that matte images seem to transfer better than glossy.

Easy and not at all time consuming!  Here are some examples of a photo
transfers that I did:

Have fun!


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  1. This is so cool! I’ve wanted to try this forever! WTG Nicole!

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