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I have been scrapbooking for over 4 years now, and with each year that passes I become more and more in love with this craft. I started because of a huge need to take care of my boxes and boxes of photos! I spotted a little kit, which mostly included stickers and a few patterened papers in an Avon catalogue. It looked interesting and I was struggling with what I was going to do with my photos so I thought, why not check it out. Well, I got my little kit and I was hooked. I quickly found our local scrapbooking store and spent far too much money! I wanted to try everything! As time has passed, I am still totally addicted (and I still spend far too much money).

Scrapbooking is a total stress reliever for me. No matter what things I’m going through or what is happening in my life, if I sit down and immerse myself the stress just washes away! It truly has been a life saver for me.

My favorite style of scrapbooking is probably shabby chic/vintage. I love this look and love distressing and aging. I tend to be more drawn to earth tones and darker colors, but I have really been pushing myself lately to think outside of the box and try more color. My biggest weakness for scrapbooking is buying patterened paper, some may say I have to much, but I say…. can you really ever have too much?

My fave layouts using the Sept kit:




Make sure to come and check out more of Lynn’s awesome creations in her Design Team Gallery Folder!

Comments on: "SBCH Spotlight – Design Team Member- Lynn!" (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing with us Lynn! I love having you as part of our Team! :0)

  2. I love your layouts and you are an awesome team member!!! Thanks for the info about you.

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