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Wow, the weeks fly by, don’t they? Today I’m taking my turn at posting the TTT article and I have a really easy project for you. I can’t wait to see the personal touches you’ll add to this mini album! Hope you enjoy!

Making a ‘Mini 6×6″ Flip-Album’
by Ali MacDonald

This is SO EASY you won’t believe it! It can solve ALL your gift-giving needs, and it only takes ONE SHEET of 12 x 12” cardstock to make the basic form of the album. This album can actually stand up on its own. The flip album contains 6 pages and 2 of the pages “flip!” You’ll have a blast making it!

Three fantastic uses for this mini-album-

1. A GIFT: As a stand alone mini-album
2. A “Brag Book” to stand on a shelf, desk, workspace or on the mantel.
3. As an add-on to a scrapbook page. It provides you with an interactive place for more photos or journaling (or both).

First, I’ll show you how to make the album’s base, which you can then embellish as you like.
Then, I will show you some pgs of my completed Mini Flip-Album using the My Mind’s Eye “Out and About” collection of patterned papers (Jan ’08 SBCH Kit).
This will provide you with a visual stock of ideas re: how you might decorate your Mini Flip-Album.

1 sheet heavy Cardstock (like Bazzill)
Patterned papers: MME used here, suggest one striped and one or two muted patterns to coordinate with your CS
Bone folder
Trimmer (& scissors)
Ruler, pencil, eraser
Glue stick & adhesives as necessary: photo splits, Mini Glue dots, MM Ribbon Glue
Ink (if desired): I used khaki and brown
Word stickers, rub-on words
Pen for brief journaling
Number stickers such as Flair makes (for date or other such numeric info)
Letter Stickers
Embellishments as desired: rickrack, narrow ribbon, small flat buttons or charms
Photos: I suggest five 4×6’s cropped as you like, & one smaller photo, ie: “wallet” sized just to vary things a bit!


1. Lay your cardstock on your workspace with TEXTURED SIDE DOWN.

2. Fold cardstock in half from bottom to top. To get a crisp fold, use a bone folder or the smooth rounded end of a big Sharpie marker. It will look like this:

Photo #1~ Photobucket Image Hosting

3. Open the cardstock, keeping textured side down.

4. Now fold it in half from side to side.

5. Open the cardstock. You will have a piece of CS with 4 equal 6×6 sections. It will look like this:

Photo #2~ Photobucket Image Hosting

6. Label your cardstock sections as follows:

Upper Left = #1; Upper Right = #2
Lower Left = #3; Lower Right = #4
[Note~ I just used some scraps of paper with the numbers marked on them for instructional purposes.]

Photo #3~ Photobucket Image Hosting

7. Now, using your trimmer, cut out the upper left (#1) square of CS. (A scrap for future use!!)

Photo #4~ Photobucket Image Hosting

8. Using your ruler, measure from the top of section #2 down 5 ¾ “ and mark lightly with pencil.

Photo #5~ Photobucket Image Hosting

9. Fold section #3 over the top of section #4 (now it’s out of the way for the next step!)

Photo #6~
Photobucket Image Hosting

10. Then fold section #2 at that 5 3/4″ mark. Gently erase pencil marks. Now you have a fold at 5 ¾” and at 6″.

Photo #7A~ The inside view after the 5 3/4″ fold’s been made~
Photobucket Image Hosting

Photo #7B~ (The outside view)
Photobucket Image Hosting

11. Open your album cover (that’s section #2) so it’s out of the way. Now, use your trimmer to cut 3/8″ off the bottom of section #3 & section #4.

Photo #8~ Photobucket Image Hosting

**Please note that steps 10 & 11 will allow a bit of room for bulkier embellishments and will allow your album to stand. See image that follows.

Photo #9~
Photobucket Image Hosting

12. Embellish each page as desired. See examples below, showing some of the six pages in my “Mini-Flip Album” which have been embellished using MME papers.

Here are some examples of embellished pages:
Photo 10~ Photobucket Image Hosting

Photo 11~ Photobucket Image Hosting

Photo 12~ Photobucket Image Hosting

And here are the first 3 pages of the album embellished & opened up (ie: laid flat for instructional purposes):

Photo 13~ Photobucket Image Hosting
Sure hope you enjoyed this “Technique Tidbit Thursday” article!

References-Instructions adapted on Sept 11, 2008 from a December 2007 online SBCH class by Ali MacDonald, based on internet information/demo provided by Melissa Garcia and Michelle Legault.


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday~ Mini 6×6 Flip Album" (3)

  1. What a great little mini album. Very neat.

  2. I love this thank you!!

  3. You’re welcome Heather and Darci!

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