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Article and Photos by Jenifer Cowles

I was at a restaurant for lunch one day waiting for my food to arrive and I was playing with the coaster that they set your drinks on thinking this is the perfect weight to make something with. Well I grabbed mine and all the rest that were at my table and then I noticed the waiter throwing away ones from the other tables and I just asked him if I could have them, he looked at me funny but gave them to me. Now when I go anywhere I always check for coasters and pick up a few, you would be surprised how many different varieties there are out there. The best part is that they’re free, cant complain about that. So I decided to make a Christmas Mini Album out of one. Here are the steps.
1) Gather coasters

2) Place them about 1″ apart

3) Cut a piece of ribbon about 2″ and glue to each side making sure it overlaps nicely (repeat until you have done all the needed coasters).

4) Cover with your patterned paper ( repeat until you have done all the needed coasters)

5) On the last coaster on the back you will need one long ribbon (mine was 24″) glue it from top to bottom so that you have a long piece hanging from each end. This will be our tie on the front to hold the album closed.

6) Cover the back.

7) Cover the back of all the coasters.

8) Decorate as desired.

I also made one about my oldest DS, mostly because I got these great new stamps and just wanted to play around with them.
There really so many things you could do with these instead of the ribbon you could just punch a hole in the corner and use a binder ring or a ribbon and do a Mini Album that way.
I cant wait to see what you guys create.


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday – Coaster Mini Album" (9)

  1. Fun little album, Jennifer. Thanx for sharing.

  2. Very clever, I like it when you can recycle! I know this can work for alot of things. Great example.

  3. Vicki Bell #1766 said:

    Great job Jennifer!!!

    I LOVE these coasters. I’v made mini-books from them too. They are SO easy, quick and I love that the coasters are sturdy & best of all FREE.

    I made a wall hanging for Thanksgiving last year. In a pinch I dediced I needed just one more decoration, so I grabbeds some, cut letters with my cricut – used fall papers and a few embellishments and in no time I had A U T U M N that hangs vertically.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Michelle 3624 said:

    Very cute idea!

  5. Nicole Drewniak said:

    This is so cool! Love how you recycled and it looks so beautiful!!

  6. Great idea. I’ll be on the hunt for coasters now LOL!

  7. Patti Smith said:

    Great idea….love the mini book that you did….I will definately try this…thanks for sharing Jennifer!!

  8. Peggy #4129 said:

    how cute love the idea……

  9. Love this project!! Fantastic work.

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