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Technique Tidbit Thursday

“Corner Punch Embellishments”
A technique taught by Lee Brehon, SBCH Guest DesignTeam Member for August 2008

This little technique fell upon me kind of “by chance.” I feel it is worthy of sharing because of its simplicity and potential for multiple combinations. It easily can be used on a card or a LO, but the very best thing about this technique is its USE OF SCRAPS!!! Using this technique, you could also make a lot of mini cards quickly without breaking into new stock or using up treasured embellishments.

I hope you enjoy making these. I realize not everyone is going to have this punch, but I’m sure any punch that is a photo corner punch will work for a totally different look.

Take your punch:


Now take one strip of cardstock and cut both corners with the punch, so that it looks like this:



Now cut these corners so that you have four square pieces: Photobucket

To join them, I cut another tiny piece of cardstock and attached it to all 4 squares.

You can add a button or a brad and this is what it will look like: Photobucket

Iif you want to create a flower, then simply cut off the corners and this is what can be achieved:


As I said earlier these would make quick invites, thank-you notes, a tag on a gift. Or, you could embellish a layout! Here are a couple of mini card examples.




Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday" (7)

  1. Lee, once again you have come up with a wonderful idea and shared it in a clear, concise way. Love you mini-cards too! THANK YOU! This is a useful and fun techn’q!!! I cannot wait to try it!

  2. Nicole Drewniak said:

    Beautiful examples and just brilliant article! Thanks Lee!

  3. That is so neat!

  4. Beautiful cards! And what a superb article! Great job Lee! I think I have a similar punch….think I’m gonna try this!!

  5. […] Brehon shows some creative uses for corner punches here on the Scrapbooker’s Club House blog.  She has turned them into unique embellishments […]

  6. Sylvia/Georgia said:

    Not that is just the coolest idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Cool tip Lee!!! I’ll have to try it some time!!

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