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I used to look at the work in scrapbook magazines and awe at how the detail work was done. I have learned that there is one thing you can do to step-up the detail work on your layouts with little effort and minimal tools.

Many patterned papers come with designs that maybe seem overwhelming as a background but would look fantastic as an overlaid piece. For this example I started out with this paper from the Spring Fling Collection by Pink Paislee.

I cut around the piece I wanted to detail and then used precision point scissors to cut around the flowers and the stems. NOTE: when cutting detail like this you can achieve a much smoother cut line by turning your paper rather than your scissors!

For small areas, such as between the flower and the stem, or areas that may be too tight to maneuver the scissors, I used an exacto knife to trim and placed the paper on a cutting mat.

Once I had the detailed piece cut out I adhered it to another sheet of paper (also Pink Paislee) to create a new effect.

You can also achieve a detailed overlay piece without cutting the piece off the original paper. (In this example I used paper from Sonburn Designs) I loved the flourish on this patterned paper and wanted to show it off rather than cover it up with my photos.

I placed my paper on a cutting mat and laid my photo where I wanted it on the page. I made tiny holes with my exacto knife tip (a paper piercer would work too) where the edges of the flourish and the edge of my photo met. Then, working with the exacto knife, I trimmed around the flourish where it would normally be UNDER the photo. NOTE: be careful to not cut it right off the original paper, but if you do, do not despair! That is what glue was invented for!!! I have accidently torn off my piece in the past but have “repaired” it by merely gluing it back in place at the end.

The next step is easy. Just slide your photo (or other patterned paper or whatever else you have chose to use) delicately under the piece you have cut and slightly lifted.

Glue the piece down using a precision tip glue (photo safe, of course!!!). I used Scotch brand Quick Dry Adhesive. The final result has the effect of a stamp or rub-on and matches your paper perfectly!!!

Enjoy your creations!


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Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday- Bringing Out The Details!" (4)

  1. Love these tips! I have some paper that I can do this with. Thanks for the suggestions

  2. Awesome ideas Trina! I love doing this too! WTG on sharing your ideas ! … :o)

  3. Nicole Drewniak said:

    Super tips! Tfs!

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