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Can you believe that we have had 10 weeks of scrappin’ green tips? WOW! You can access the previous articles on your right—-> Lots of great ideas!

This week, I’ve written an article that combines scrappy tips from Mary Chong, Deanne Burton and “Yours truly” to make our hobby a little greener and safer for our precious earth. Read on! Happy Friday everyone!
~Scrappin’ Green Tips from Mary, Deanne and Ali~

Mary Chong, one of our new Scrapbooker’s Club House Design Team members, shared these super scrappin’ green tips:

*To save paper, cut multiple mats from 1 piece of cardstock ie~ if matting an 8×10” photo – cut the middle out of the mat, and you’ll have a mat for a 4×6” photo.
*Use scraps for die-cutting – some cutting systems allow for use of small pieces of paper.
*When you need a little bit of an accent colour, use scraps: cut circles or squares with punches.
*Save your scraps and use to make cards, gift tags, and note cards.
*Use your circle punch with your scraps and adhere them in a row behind a mat – you’ve made an interesting scalloped edge!
*Use your scraps to punch shapes or designs – glue them in an abstract pattern on the corner of a 3×5” index card or similar cardstock and you now have a custom little notecard!

Here are 2 samples I made using a variation of Mary’s index card idea. (Thanks Mary!)


Deanne Burton sent in the following tip: “A student of mine gave me a gift at the end of the school year in a beautifully decorated paper bag that he coloured and designed himself. I didn’t have the heart to throw the bag away so I tore off his artwork and used it as the background in this layout I created.” (Deanne’s LO is based on a sketch by Adrienne L. at )


Deanne also shared the idea of using the inside (bubble) portion of a padded envelope to create an interesting background. Although paint is commonly used with bubble-wrap to create a background, Deanne used Tim Holtz distress ink and found it made a softer pattern when pressed on her background cardstock than did paint.

Here in NS, all of our paper and boxboard is placed in a bag at curbside for later sorting/ recycling. To gather up bits and pieces of paper at my desk as I scrap, I have a simple tip. I keep an empty tissue box on my desk with the plastic insert at the top removed (I recycle this plastic piece as per local laws.) As I scrap, I throw all the itty-bitty bits of paper into the box. Once the initially empty tissue box is full, (takes a few days) I can just throw it in the correct recycling bag (in our case, this is a clear bag.) No tiny bits of paper flying everywhere: they are INSIDE the box. And, a plus: I empty the paper recycling bin in my office LESS often– again with no more flying itty-bitties! LOL!


Here’s a final tip to reduce paper waste and to add an historic touch to your layouts for years down the road. Using a “Handmade by…” reusable stamp [mine is by Inkadinkado (#6706-L)], I stamp a bunch of labels on scrap cardstock pieces. Then I trim these and store on my scrap desk in a little caddy, within easy reach. (I even use the back of cardstock where I have made “journaling mistakes” for these labels.) When I complete a page, I turn it over and glue on a label in a CS colour that “coordinates.” Then I sign and date it. (I also number my layouts using this method.)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Scrappin’ Green and learned a few easy tips to help protect our precious planet as you craft beautiful memories! Feel free to send your “green scrappy tips” and article ideas to me at Thanks for reading!

You can find Mary at:
You can find Deanne at:


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  1. Wow, great tips ladies!!! TYFS!!! I will definately be using some of these tips!

  2. Nicole Drewniak said:

    Super tips! Tfs!

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