You’ll Want to Join Our Gang!

Article and photos By Lee Brehon

How to make your own WIRE letters:
You need: heavy gauge wire, a marker, wire cutters, paper, mini letters, glossy accents.

1. Gather your supplies

2. Wrap wire around your marker or dowel, holding one end of the wire firmly.

3. Remove the wire in one bunch and gather it all together in your wire cutters and cut.


4. Once you have cut your wire it should be slightly open, gently push the two ends together to form a ring. Don’t handle too much!

5. Place your lettering on your background paper, and center your wire rings around the letters.

6. Fill each ring with glossy accents. (once is good enough, but you can do two coats). Allow to dry!!!!!



7. When your letters are dry, trim around the outside of the circles.

And here is a last cool tip from Lee:

This is how I keep my glossy accents ready to go each and every time.



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Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday- Wire Letters" (4)

  1. What a fun idea for a title, Lee. Thanx for sharing.

  2. alimom4 said:

    Great idea! TYFS Lee!

  3. I love this idea Lee!!! TYFS!!

  4. Nicole Drewniak said:

    Great way to make epoxy letters too!

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