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This week, we have some timely tips on recycling and reusing from Scrapbooker’s Club House member, Trina Carbert. Trina adds some super ideas to our Scrappin’ Green repertoire! Thanks for these excellent ideas. Read on… I’ll bet you hadn’t thought of some of these!


By~ Trina Carbert

There are many ways we can recycle, reduce and reuse while still enjoying a hobby such as Scrapbooking. I hate to waste anything so the following things are practices I use as often as possible.

*Use the packaging on your projects or as project. Really, you paid for it, so why not use it as you would any other scrapping product? I have used the cardboard backing from Making Memories letter stickers as my journaling blocks:


I have used a Prima flowers container for an idea jar:


And I have used the packaging for buttons for a photo frame (I have also seen them used as shaker boxes and as candy gifts):


Larger pieces of cardboard backing can be used for dividers for your paper storage or for keeping your unfinished works separated.

* Pizza boxes for storage: If you have finished layouts literally collecting dust in a pile somewhere consider slipping them into a pizza box to store them. (you will receive one if you order paper or a kit from SBCH… **GRIN**) This will at least protect your work from light and dust damage until they find homes in albums. I also have been known to use pizza boxes to transport my papers or projects in process to crops.
* Buttons everyone! You may be able to save a small fortune by just looking around your home for this popular embellishment. Collect buttons from old, worn out clothing, toys, or sometimes packaging. The same can be said for ribbons and zippers.
* Photo waste: When you crop a photo you can often reduce your waste by using the “waste” portion on your work as an embellishment. Or cut out letters for a title out of a blurry photo related to your project.
* Cards you have received are an excellent source of inspiration. Most of us receive cards from friends and family in the mail for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can use parts of the card (or the whole card) for creating new cards or tags or for your layouts. This reuses the cards as well as saves you from having to buy new embellishments!


Another example of reusing cards:

* Your garbage is another’s treasure. Remember to ask your friends if they are interested in your scrappy stash that you no longer need. They may have the perfect use for it. And don’t forget that instead of throwing stuff out, hospitals, women’s shelters, children’s groups and schools would gladly accept your donation of crafting supplies.
* Simply recycle. Your paper scraps, cardboard backings and some plastics that you don’t use on your projects can be recycled. Keep a box or pail beside your table for your recyclable materials. I recycle as much as I possibly can. I have been amazed at how much LESS garbage I take to the trash barrel every week now!

Best wishes in your attempts to scrap green!!!


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  1. Trina, what fantastic ideas! And all of your work….just beautiful!!!

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