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This week, Scrapbooker’s Club House member Lynn Marsh provides us with some excellent ‘food for thought’ about ways we can recycle and reuse old, outdated business cards and the out-of-fashion costume jewellery that almost all of us have sitting in our jewellery boxes. Read on for some great “green” tips!

Repurposing Business Cards and Costume Jewellery as Scrapbook Embellishments


Lynn Marsh

My first “green” tip is about what to do with old business cards. After I left my last job, I was left with about 100 business cards that are now completely useless, but I just couldn’t throw them out. So, I thought, why not use them for tags or journaling blocks?

My first example has been corner rounded, stamped and then alcohol inked. Being that the business card has a glossy surface, the alcohol inks worked great. The entire card is “green” as it was made using all scrap materials.

My second example is a layout. I used old business cards for the journaling tags on this. I used walnut ink spray to colour them and then stamped on my journaling lines.

For my third example, another card, I again made a tag out of a business card. I just covered it in patterned paper, inked the edges and attached a ribbon with a brad.

My last tip for using business cards is actually courtesy of Ali, and another great idea. How about doing a timeline layout, using the business cards from different positions you’ve held to show your career progression and changes? I was going to attempt a layout using just this idea, but I realized that I don’t have any more business cards from my previous positions!

My second “green” topic for this article is using old jewellery…. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of old earrings that have long since been out of fashion. How do you throw them out? On both cards shown here today, the embellishments are old, outdated earrings. I just pushed the earring post through the cardstock and bent it over in back, just like a brad.

I’m now going to clean out my jewellery box because I have a ton of old earrings, necklaces, and other things like sections of watch-bands. All of these will make great embellishments!

Thank you so much for letting me share my ideas with you. I think if we all just take a little time to think, we can all make a difference!

Please accept our appologies, this article was deleted and reposted due to technical issues… enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Comments on: "Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 7th Edition" (3)

  1. alimom4 said:

    Bravo Lynn, you did a great job, and I love that first card so much! It’s gorgeous and very vintage-looking. WTG girl! Excellent ideas for repurposing. :o)

    …and PS: TY to Noella for the technical help in reposting this article.

  2. Excellent ideas!!! I have been using old business cards for writing notes on but this is much prettier!

    And I have a ton of ’80s earrings that I never parted with….have to see what I can use for embellies!

  3. Super ideas, Lynn! Tfs!

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