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 Creating Alternative Storage for Cardstock and Paper
By Cathy Ford

Hello everyone! This idea came to me one day when I was cleaning up my scrap space. I had been keeping all my cardstock and pattern paper in a paper file….but it was busting at the seams…so I had to find another alternative. I looked online at several sites at all the ‘newest’ paper storage ideas……being a SAHM of 4 kids….money was not plenty so I devised this system.

I had recently purchased some of the newest scrapbook products I found online….so I had several priority mail boxes laying around…..{ok..back to that day when I was cleaning}….I put some paper into these empty boxes to keep it from getting bent while I was rearranging and cleaning…..and then it HIT me….I could use these to store my paper in!!

Materials Needed:

Used Priority Mail Box
Paint (color of choice)
Embellishment of choice

1. The box needs to be cleaned of all old labels, tape and postage.

2. Tear or cut off the flaps on the end you opened. These have perforations so they can tear but you may need to trim them up to make it a clean cut.

3. Turn the box toward you where you are looking at a narrow end. Measure from the top down 3 1/2 inches and draw a line across.

4. Turn the box to one side and from your line marked on the front of the box, draw an angled line up to the top…mine was about 6 1/2 inches. Now repeat on the other side. Note: Make sure you use the same angle so the sides will be the same height.

5. Now cut on all lines. Be careful because the boxes are thick and you could cut yourself trying to get the knife around.

6. Now make sure the box is clean and you have trimmed up all cuts to your desire… inspection before painting!!

7. Now you are ready to PAINT!! I used regular craft paint from a craft store…but you can also use paint from your favorite SB store. I went with a darker shade because you want to make sure you cover the markings on the boxes. You could use a lighter color, just apply more layers of paint to cover the writing.

8. You should let it dry completely before adding stickers or additional paint. I used glitter stickers…..but you could use anything…the possibilities are endless. You could even scrapbook the sides as LO’s!!

NOTE: I did two boxes and to reinforce them…I glued them together. This isn’t necessary if you are putting them on a shelf…they will stand…but it helps to glue them if you need them to free stand.

This idea would be great to hold magazines, kits, idea books. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Next time you get a box in the mail turn it upside down or sideways and see what ideas it will inspire!!

Thanks for letting me share my idea with ya’ll!!!


Comments on: "Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 6th Edition" (2)

  1. What a great idea, Cathy. Thanx for sharing.

  2. Very pretty paper storage! Great idea!

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