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A new contribution to our  easily accessible library of techniques here at Scrapbooker’s Club House comes from Design Team Member Laura C, who discusses Journaling and provides us with some beautiful examples illustrating her points. Thanks in advance Laura! Read on, scrappers!

As scrapbookers, the reasons we scrapbook may vary widely, but usually our love of this hobby is, at least in part, to preserve memories. Though a picture may be “worth a thousand words,” journaling is a vital part of telling our stories through our scrapbooks. Join me as we explore some techniques for journaling.To include a lot of journaling on a page, it’s often helpful to use a computer or typewriter so you can fit all you want to say on a page.

Another great journaling technique, when you have less to say, is to write or type your journaling on strips of paper.

Also, sometimes journaling works best in a list format rather than complete sentences.

There are many products out there made to help us with journaling, including journaling sheers or cards

and journaling stamps.

Next time you’re shopping for scrappy products (or rummaging through your stash), take a look at some of these items and try to use them on your pages.

Sometimes, your journaling is private and not something you want to be read by everyone who looks at your pages (or, perhaps, something you don’t want your children to know about until they are older). In those situations, hidden journaling can be a helpful technique. In this example, my journaling is hidden under the photograph.

Finally, don’t stress out that journaling always means you must use correct grammar, or perfect spelling. The most important thing is to record your stories in your own words and, at least sometimes, in your own handwriting. Think about people who have passed on and how you may treasure cards or letters with their handwriting on them, so too will your family members treasure scrapbook pages with your handwriting (this is true no matter how “bad” you think your handwriting is).

I hope that this brief tour of journaling techniques has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to pmail me on the Scrapbookers Club House site. 🙂


Comments on: "Technique Tidbit Thursday: “Journaling”" (6)

  1. Great tips! Journaling is intimidating for so many! Well done!

  2. Love your article, Laura. And all the layouts to go with it.

  3. Awesome article Laura, I have a bad habit of thinking I have poor grammar skills and tend to shy away from journalling…I will definately take your advice!

  4. Great writing! Thank you for reminding us how “easy” journalling can be!

  5. Thanks for the great tips Laura. This really helps me as I always shy away from journaling because I feel as though I’m not a creative writer.

  6. I had to remove the first image because that page is being published! 🙂

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