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This week’s Scrappin’ Green article comes from Sherry, a caring pet owner who ALSO creates uniquely designed scrapbook pages and altered art. Sherry includes a novel idea for ‘finding’ free paper and recycling it in useful ways. Thanks Sherry for the idea and the items you’ve included for readers as examples of what can be created with this “FREE PAPER!” 







Free Paper


By: Sherry Owens


One day I discovered that there is a wealth of free “kraft” paper available to me. This discovery is thanks to my not-so-well behaved dogs, Harlee and Mickey. I had dumped their dog-food into the plastic containers that I keep their food in and set the bags aside for breaking down later. I left for work that morning, leaving the dogs alone as I do every day, and when I got home I was staring at the (previously emptied) dog-food bags strewn across the floor. At first I was angry at the dogs for the mess then with myself for leaving such sweet smelling temptation for them.


I started cleaning up the mess. My intent was to wad it up for the recycle bin when I noticed that the bag* was made from 3 layers of paper; an inner, plastic-lined (dog-food scented) layer, a middle, clean (and unscented) kraft layer and the outer printed layer.


With a flash, I realized that the kraft layer was a wealth of gift-wrap, altered item, possibly card material (I would probably even use it for a layout but more archivally minded scrappers might not agree). I separated the 3 layers at their joining points (the top and bottom seams of the bag) and recycled the 2 “undesired” layers and kept the middle layer for future projects.


I will never look at a bag of dog-food the same way again!!   

I’ve included some projects I made from the reclaimed paper, including a “Good Luck” card; an altered photo frame and a 6×12 layout featuring the trouble-makers.





Supplies:  Products used include Making Memories alphas, trims and buttons; KI Memories buttons; Creative Imaginations license plate and stickers; and some scraps from my scrap-pile. Shells are from ages ago, I don’t know where I got them or who makes them.

*I don’t know about other dog food brands but the Iams® that these spoiled pooches get comes in this type of triple-layered bag.



Comments on: "Scrappin Green~ Tips for Eco-friendly Memory Keeping, 4th Edition" (8)

  1. Great tip, Sherry! I never would’ve thought it! I will be checking my cat/dog food bags from now on!

  2. Talk about recycling! What a super tip!

  3. Tammydee said:

    Love this idea Sherry!

  4. What a great article. I’ll have to think about recycling my dog food bags. They are bulky!

  5. What a great tip! I can’t tell you over the years how many of those I have thrown away! Well, never again! Thanks for the tip.

  6. alimom4 said:

    Awesome tip, Sherry, and TY for the excellent article and fun projects. :o)

  7. createalways said:

    that altered item is so beautiful. I know recycling is so good. But I end up with so much of it. I need a good idea for storing all my recycle scrappy stuff, anyone????

  8. Lee, I keep a wheeled drawer tower that has all my to be altered things are things I have recycled in the name of scrapping.

    I will definately be checking out my next empty bag of cat food!

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